Royal, Woodyard still out Lard 10-22-10

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Champ Bailey and Kevin Vickerson returned to practice yesterday in limited fashion. Brandon Lloyd also returned; he had missed practice Wednesday for reasons unrelated to injury. Jamal Williams had his customary Thursday off, while Robert Ayers, Brian Dawkins, Andre’ Goodman, Darcel McBath, Eddie Royal and Wesley Woodyard again missed practice due to injury.

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NFL Films previews Sunday’s game.

Josh McDaniels met with the press yesterday.

Nate Jones responds to fans’ questions.

Champ Bailey says he’ll likely play on Sunday.

Legwold gets Champ’s reaction to the league’s stance on dirty hits.

Klis on the quick development of rookies Demaryius Thomas and Perrish Cox.

In other notes, Syd’Quan Thompson could also see a lot of action on Sunday, as Eddie Royal may not return punts even if he plays.

Eric Decker sat down for a Q&A with Gray Caldwell.

Legwold shares an extensive explanation on how practice squad eligibility works. It is a MUST read, if you care about this sort of stuff. You will learn something.

Arnie Stapleton on the use of Tim Tebow so far. It sure would be nice if the fans at the Big IF would not go crazy cheering while he’s in the game like it’s a defensive third down, for crying out loud!!!!

Perhaps this is what McDaniels had in mind when he added Brady Quinn and Tebow last offseason?

Broncos players voted for decertification of the union in the case of a lockout, as have the other teams that have met with DeMaurice Smith.

Jason Campbell and Kyle Boller again split first-team snaps for Jokeland, while it appears as if Darren McFadden will be good to go.

Vittorio Tafur wasn’t really buying Josh McDaniels’ praise for Jokeland.

More notes on Jokeland from the CCT. Plus, more on the defensive breakdown which led to Michael Crabtree’s big touchdown on Sunday.


According to his agent, Vincent Jackson is planning on reporting to the Dolts next Friday.

Acee recaps each of Philip Rivers’ seven sacks from Sunday. Wonderful stuff.

Plus, notes on the Dolts.

Chefs rookie Javier Arenas overcame a heart defect on his way to the NFL.

KSK got hold of a video where Shaun Smith talks about the strategy of grabbing guy’s junk. Hopefully the league will take proper action…

For some odd reason, the NFL rescinded its fine on Smith. Perhaps he said he wasn’t grabbing but caressing. Who knows?


The NFL sent a video to teams showing what types of hits will incur suspensions going forward.

Pat Kirwan thinks Kyle Orton is going to be chucking it a lot on Sunday.

Matt Bowen is taking the Broncos, and wonders if we’ll see more Tebow.

Jack Bechta on whether changes are coming in light of the recent allegations and admissions of cash payments from agents to college players.

Even when adjusted for the strength of their opponents thus far, the Broncos sit 19th in Brian Burke’s Success Rate rankings.

Denver ranks #18 in Luis DeLoureiro’s BCS-style power rankings.

Here’s an unofficial list of all the players known to have been concussed so far this season. Thanks to BroncosLady for the link!

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