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Good Morning, Broncos fans! As I mentioned last night, the Broncos made a few transactions yesterday - they promoted LB Diyral Briggs from the practice squad and added WR Eron Riley to the PS. Briggs takes the place of WR Matthew Willis, who was officially placed on IR with his broken foot.

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Mike Klis examines the AFC West’s pitiful start to the season.

The Colts claimed RB Andre Brown off waivers from the Broncos, plus other notes from LJ.

Matt Bowen draws up a run/pass option to expand Tim Tebow’s role within the Broncos’ offense.

Legwold on the Broncos’ QB situation beyond this year.

It’s a very odd time to note this, as Demaryius Thomas has already had a significant impact for the Broncos, but Legwold points out that drafting a WR in the first round is often riskier than taking other positions.

LJ looks back at Jets K Nick Folk’s 56-yard FG Sunday, when the Broncos only had nine men on the field.

Patrick Saunders explores the depths of our hatred for Jokeland fans.

Here’s the TV map for Sunday’s game. Apparently, there’s a pocket of Arkansas that cares about the Broncos game. Anyone have a clue why? Seems odd…

Although John Elway came up with a great way of hiding his identity in public, he gives it away here. So how effective will it really be going forward?


The Cable Man says Jokeland’s O-Line was blocking too high against the Niners last week.

The Chefs traded 2009 third-rounder Alex Magee along with a pick to the Bucs for a draft choice in 2011. Well, at least we can see that other teams also give up on high draft choices, and quickly…

Nick Canepa and Tim Sullivan consider what ails the Dolts.


The NFL dished out some heavy fines yesterday to a few headhunters.

The Bears have already cut DE Charles Grant, who they signed just a few weeks ago.

Jim Trotter thinks the NFL has to protect its players from head-to-head hits.

Don Banks talks to former NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira about how referees might handle hits to the head going forward.

Randy Cross offers his take on the same matter.

Andrew Brandt takes a peek into his mailbag.

Peter King does the same and addresses helmet-to-helmet hits with a little help from Josh McDaniels.

The guys at CHFF and KSK are none too happy about the NFL getting tough on hard hits.

Mike Lombardi on how the Cowboys can fix their problems.

Brian Burke looks at the major impact Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko had in overtime on Sunday.

Kyle Orton ranked 9th among QBs in DYAR on Sunday.

FWIW, Denver has crept up to #22 in FO’s DVOA rankings.

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