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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The trade deadline has passed, and Kyle Orton, D.J. Williams and Eddie Royal are still Broncos, while Brandon Lloyd is not. Well, that would make sense - only the most talented of the four was coveted by another team. Remember, this is a team that's gone 7-24 over its last 31 games, so the notion that the players we want to see shipped out (Orton, D.J.) would actually be desired elsewhere is perhaps a bit misguided. It would be a surprise to see any of those three players back next year, though.

Yes, D.J. is signed through 2013, but his contract is one that no team would likely want to inherit, and it would be surprising to learn that Denver was interested in paying the rest of it out. He's making $4.9M this year, $5M next year, and $6M in 2013. But it doesn't appear he's due any guarantees going forward, so color me shocked if D.J. isn't cut sometime between the end of this season and the beginning of the next. Perhaps Denver could get a seventh-rounder at some point if D.J. is willing to renegotiate his contract to go someplace specific, but that too seems like a stretch. Oh well. On to Miami...


Andrew Mason on the return to practice of Demaryius and Julius Thomas.

Woody points out that the other three AFC West teams are all run by the sons of Pat Bowlen's counterparts, and he sneaks in the idea that John Elway will take over for Bowlen someday.

More on the return of Demaryius Thomas from Jeff Legwold and the task of replacing Brandon Lloyd, plus he examines the struggles of Josh McDaniels in St. Louis.

Legwold says the play of Elvis Dumervil should continue to improve as his health does.

Nate Jackson offers his take on John Fox's decision to go with Tebow. Is it just me, or does Nate seem to describe everything as a comparision to how Shanny treated his buddy Jake Plummer?

Eddie Mac thinks the Broncos are going to win big on Sunday.

On NFLN, Charles Davis says he's not sure Tim Tebow is the type of QB John Elway & Co. want running their team.

The latest episode of Elway Live, plus Brian Griese was honored for his work with Judi's House.


Tony Sparano is apparently being evaluated on a weekly basis, so if the Broncos win on Sunday, he could be out as the Dolphins coach. But, if Stephen Ross wants a top-tier coach and a franchise QB in 2012, doesn't he want his team to keep losing at this juncture? I mean, what's the point of changing coaches?

Meanwhile, Greg Cote says it's strange to see fans rooting for the team to Suck for Luck.

Interestingly, Ross apparently chooses to get advice from Eric Mangini, even if the Mangenius is not a candidate for the Miami job.

Khaled Elsayed breaks down the Dolphins' loss to the Jets and finds that QB Matt Moore sucks, S Yeremiah Bell finally had a decent game, while Miami's O-line also put in a decent performance for once, while Mike Pouncey struggled for the first time.

Miami tidbits from LJ.


Kent Hull, the center from the Bills' glory years, passed away at the age of 50.

Out of the Bay Area, reaction to the Raiders' acquisition of Carson Palmer from Jerry McDonaldSteve CorkranGwen Knapp, Tim Kawakami, and Mark Purdy. Plus, national reaction from Mike Lombardi, Matt BowenPeter King, Andrew Brandt, Mike Freeman, Jason Cole, and Clark Judge. Meanwhile, the Onion reports that fast wideouts with no talent all across the country and throughout NFL history all shed a tear or two with the passing of Al Davis.

Titans coach Mike Munchak says his team would be interested in Terrell Owens once he's healthy.

The agent for David Garrard has accused the Jaguars of knowingly releasing the QB with a back injury they were aware of while telling him that he was physically okay.

A league exec acknowledged that if the Vikings don't get funding for a new stadium ASAP, there's a good chance they'll end up moving out of Minnesota.

Mike Freeman says pressure is rising for HGH testing to be instated, and his informal poll finds that players think about 10-15% of their peers are using it.

Some dope smacked Devin Hester in the back of the head at a casino last week and was arrested.

Chris Brown thinks it's funny that folks are talking about the Eagles and their "wide nine" defensive alignment like it's something revolutionary, just like Ted wrote about last month.

Andy Benoit studies the film from Eagles/Redskins, Bucs/Saints, Packers/Rams and Bengals/Colts.

Pat Kirwan reminds us that field position is an important factor even though it's often overlooked by people who don't read IAOFM.

Bucky Brooks says the Pats' defense is starting to come around, and he explains why.

Matt Bowen examines Kurt Coleman's trio of picks off Rex Grossman, and he says the Packers are sure to bring a ton of pressure in Christian Ponder's first start.


Greg Gabriel analyzes the rookie play of some Texans and Ravens, plus Christian Ponder.

Denver ranks a respectable 20th in efficiency according to the latest rankings at Advanced NFL Stats.

From CHFF, columns on the rusher ratingscomeback wins and unsung heroes of Week 6.

PFW's MVP and ROY meters (Von Miller still second), top players of the week, and a look ahead to the Week 7 games.

DYAR and DVOA updates from Football Outsiders.

What a shock. Time Warner Cable continues to dick over its loyal subscribers.

KSK captionizes Week 6, plus the Broncos have finally cracked Burnsy's Suck for Luck standings.

Wes Bunting lists his second-tier QB prospects behind Luck/Barkley/Jones/Tannehill, while Rob Rang updates his big board and says Andrew Luck is his highest rated player in 12 years, ahead of Ndamukong Suh and Calvin Johnson.

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