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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Denver made another roster move last night, filling the spot vacated by the Brandon Lloyd trade with safety Rafael Bush (5'11, 197), whom they signed off of Atlanta's practice squad. The Falcons signed Bush as an undrafted free agent last year out of South Carolina State, and he dressed for their season finale after spending the year on the PS. Mike Klis says the signing of Bush is likely a response to the neck injury which kept Brian Dawkins out of practice yesterday and the poor play by Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter in the Broncos' last game versus San Diego.

Klis says the Lloyd trade was largely about money, as the team apparently offered Brandon a two-year deal but with no guaranteed money coming until after this season, and a salary below what Lloyd felt he deserved. Add to that the presence of young wideouts Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas (who was back at practice yesterday) and mix in the fact that Denver just isn't chucking it downfield very much under John Fox's guidance, and you have the makings of a trade which both sides are happy with. And to reiterate, the Broncos would not have received a compensatory pick until the 2013 Draft had they kept Brandon around for the remained of the season.


Ryan McBean, who was arrested on stalking charges on Friday, posted a $50K bond and was back at practice yesterday, and his agent says he's innocent.

Andrew Mason details the Lloyd trade, along with reaction from some his old teammates.

Legwold says an expected reliance upon the run and short passes with Tim Tebow at QB is part of why Lloyd was dealt. Obviously, feel free to hilariously translate that as Brandon not liking Tim, but really the guy was going to say nice things about whomover was starting at QB, just like anyone else would. Well, perhaps except for Brandon Marshall.

In his latest mailbag, Klis hilariously attaches the Broncos' record from here on out with Tebow's future at QB (if he plays great and they lose, would anyone hold that against him?), and he thinks that Tebow will help them win enough games that they won't be in range to draft Andrew Luck or Landry Jones.

Krieger says that tanking it for a player like Luck requires a season that generally means pink slips for current regimes, except for when those regimes are brand new...

Notes from Legwold, plus he reminds us that Denver is 0-7 against the Dolphins in Miami, as if those past teams have any affect on Sunday's game. Of course, the Broncos are 1-0 in Super Bowls in Miami, so who cares?

Hub Arkush thinks the vocal fans in Denver are the reason Tebow is starting at QB this week rather than Brady Quinn, and he thinks those fans are doing the team a disservice. Oh, and he really likes Tim even though their values don't line up with each other.

Chris Hall reports from Monday's practice for Broncos TV, video of John Fox speaking afterwards, and notes and photos from Stuart Zaas. Plus, a story on the WR corps from Max Henson.

In a two-part post (Part 1, Part 2), Ted Sundquist says his Broncos revolutionized the way teams scout by introducing technology to the process, and he also says Brian Xanders and Josh McDaniels set them back into the Stone Age.

Part 1 and Part 2 of the John Elway Show with Vic & Gary.


Jets/Dolphins went pretty much as expected, as New Jersey won 24-6 thanks to two Darrelle Revis INTs, one of which he pwned BMarsh before returning it 100 yards for a score.

Armando Salguero says Tony Sparano's job is still safe despite the Dolphins' 0-5 record, and he goes out on a limb about an inch above the ground in declaring Miami's season as over.

Israel Gutierrez says BMarsh has been more bust than beast so far for Miami. Quelle surprise!

Omar Kelly says Matt Moore was no better than was Chad Henne, although BMarsh could have helped the guy out a bit...


The funeral for Al Davis took place yesterday; Kevin Braig and Mark Wald of CHFF memorialize him. Todd Bouman will be among the veteran QBs Oakland works out this week to replace Jason Campbell, who is having surgery to repair his broken collarbone and thinks he'll be back this season. But count David Garrard out of the running, as he will have back surgery soon to repair a herniated disc. Meanwhile, the Raiders have apparently signed S Chinedum Ndukwe.

Skins TE Chris Cooley will have surgery to repair a broken index finger and may be lost for the season, while Seahawks CB Marcus Trufant is done for the year.

Bears S Chris Harris requested a trade after being benched for Sunday's game.

Rams QB Sam Bradford and Cowboys RB Felix Jones each suffered high ankle sprains on Sunday.

Saints coach Sean Payton underwent three hours of surgery to repair his injured leg.

Jon Gruden has signed a contract extension with ESPN, so we've got another five years of hearing how OUT-STAND-ING every player and play is in front of us, unless he takes a coaching job, of course.

Here's another article about the Ravens and Bucs' switch to iPads instead of printed playbooks. (Thanks, RSH!)

Mike Lombardi reviews Sunday's games and says the Niners have already locked up the NFC West.

Matt Bowen doles out his game balls from Sunday's games, plus the difficulty in defensing Fred Jackson and a breakdown of Devin Hester's long TD catch against the Vikes.

Andrew Brandt doesn't expect much out of today's trade deadline, and he says the availability of players at this time of year says something about them.

Brian Burke explains why power rankings are really stupid, while Keith Goldner details the Raiders' epic 15-play drive which consumed more than half of the first quarter against Cleveland.

As Chase Stuart details, Week 6 had a lot less passing and scoring than the season's first five weeks, so either all those articles about the new NFL were wrong, or this week was an anomaly. 

Chris Brown analyzes the 'Wham' play the Niners used to help beat the Lions, while Doug Farrar breaks down Bears/Vikings.


NFL Films is making their DVD catalog available on iTunes, Vudu and Best Buy's CinemaNow. But, what about the stuff that never made it to DVD like John Elway's Greatest Comebacks, or Elway - Champion Forever? (Just to share how much of a tool I am, I still have a VHS player in a closet expressly so that I could pop in those videos if I wanted to. Or, is this the sort of thing you're supposed to keep to yourself?)

Jason Whitlock says Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz each met their dramatic and intellectual matches on Sunday.

Drew translates PK's MMQB.

Bucky Brooks examines college prospects and says A&M QB Ryan Tannehill is second only to Andrew Luck in terms of physical skill, while Wes Bunting and Rob Rang share their scouting thoughts from last week's college action.

The UFL has cut its season short and will hold their championship game on Friday.

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