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Good Morning, Broncos fans! I had a rather disappointing Twitter exchange last night with former Denver GM Ted Sundquist, who had written on his own site earlier in the day that Brandon Lloyd "has a history of less than “exemplary” behavior in Dove Valley" and in response to a reader's comment went on to call Lloyd "disgruntled" and speculate that Denver would even consider deactivating the WR or releasing him outright. In yesterday's Lard, I had written that Sundquist was "sadly perpetuating the myths about Lloyd being a bad guy". Later in the day, Sundquist tweeted:

@craigary @IAOFM Nice blog, but I wouldn't "perpetuate the myth" if I didn't know what I was saying. Would never do that to a player.

This is fair. Ted spent 16 years in the Denver organization, and he presumably still has plenty of knowledgeable contacts there. So, perhaps there's some truth to what Ted wrote yesterday. I'm certainly in no position to dispute that, and I won't. But, Ted's writing now, and on his own site - and he's the first person to paint Lloyd as a malcontent in Denver. Yes, Brandon arrived with a less-than-stellar reputation; but again, we've had over two years to judge the guy for ourselves. There was no hint of Lloyd being disgruntled or having demanded a trade when Mike Klis broke the news the other day that Brandon was being offered around.

Nothing of the sort from any of the NFL reporters mentioned in this PFT entry: Peter King, Michael Lombardi, Adam Schefter or John Clayton. Perhaps the source(s) within the Denver organization who have spoken with these five media members (Klis makes five) wouldn't say anything about Lloyd's behavior, at least not on the record. Which again, is a fair and reasonable possibility. "I'll talk to you about Lloyd, but not if you're going to damage his trade value with how you portray him."

Yet, Sundquist apparently doesn't have to play by these rules, because he's not a member of the media. Here's my response to Ted's aforementioned tweet:

@Ted_Sundquist "History of less than exemplary behavior"? No DEN media has reported. To write this, you must be willing to share details?

Again, not claiming to know more than Sundquist - but if you're going to be the one leading the way on calling a player's behavior less than "exemplary" in a public setting and without qualifying it with perhaps a "I'm told by an anonymous source within the organization" then don't you have to substantiate the claim? Sundquist's response:

@IAOFM There's your first problem. And don't confuse me with Denver media. grin

Admittedly, this confused me a bit. I'll presume here that the "first problem" Sundquist refers to is the lack of reporting on Lloyd's purported bad behavior. My reply:

@Ted_Sundquist With all due respect how can you write something like that without substantiating it, esp. if you're the only one writing it?

Unfortunately, that's where the conversation ended. Odds are, Sundquist knows something the rest of us don't. Perhaps the only important takeaway from all of this is that maybe there is something to the theory that Brandon Lloyd has been something less than the good soldier I portrayed him to be yesterday. I can't fathom a reason for Sundquist to fabricate such a claim. All I know is, if I were one of his sources within the organization (again, presuming that's where this originated, since he did not come out and say so himself), I sure as hell wouldn't be confiding in him anymore...


Adam Schefter says Eddie Royal, who like Lloyd is in the last year of his contract with Denver, is also available via trade. In fact, Schefter says that both players have asked to be traded.

Von Miller isn't offering any excuses for the mistakes he made last week which landed him on the bench while the Broncos were in their base defense, and he says he's not nearly the player he thinks he can be in the NFL.

Legwold says teams will likely game plan to keep Tim Tebow in the pocket by not having their pass rushers get deeper than him into the backfield and perhaps blitzing up the A gaps to shorten the amount of time the young QB has to make a play. He also writes that opponents figure to utlize plenty of presnap motion and zone coverage against Tebow, while the Broncos will likely play to Tim's comfort zone of throwing to the sidelines more than over the middle of the field, and of course Legwold envisions Denver employing plenty of two-TE formations to help protect Tebow.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei shares some reaction from NFL evaluators to the Tim Tebow/Cam Newton comparisons, and it's expectedly not very pretty. Newton is described as "a really good passer" with "ridiculous skill" who "can drop it in" and that his "release, accuracy and touch are better" than Tebow's, and that Tim is "not accurate...struggles with throwing catchable balls" and within the pocket looks "stiff and he has a long release". Yet, although one personnel director is quoted as saying opponents will "come up with a scheme to defend him specifically" and "keep him in the pocket, maybe spy him, refuse to let him run and make him try to beat them with his arm", a peer says, "I won’t say he can’t do it until I see it. He probably looks terrible in practice because he’s a gamer. But we all know he is a winner."

Jim Armstrong makes the case that Denver needs to Suck for Luck. Meanwhile, Judy Battista checks in with some fans around the country are openly rooting for their teams to end up with Luck, even if it means tanking this season.

Woody says the defense hasn't been so bad this year aside from the Green Bay game, and he ridiculously says something about what Dennis Allen must do to "stay in town."

LJ shares a Q&A with tight end Daniel Fells.


Old friend Nate Jackson offers a glimpse of the aftermath of the concussion ex-mate Tony Scheffler suffered on a helmet-to-helmet hit from Brian Urlacher on Monday night. Let's all hope the Lions do the right thing by Tony Scheffler the person before anything else...

Alex Marvez checks in on Robert Kraft, who continues to mourn the loss of his wife, Myra.

Here's what Matt Bowen will be looking for within today's action.

Today will mark just the twelfth occasion where the Lions and Niners have entered a matchup with each other where both had winning records.

Brian Burke sticks up for Total QBR, the metric he helped create. But, the problem is not in the way it's formulated or the results it spits out. After all, we don't even know how it's formulated - and that, of course is the biggest issue. Plus, what he's been reading.

Among Carson Cistulli's weekly notes, the Broncos have been pretty unlucky and could maybe even blame that for one of their four losses.

Doug Farrar digs up some interesting stats from the season to this point.

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