Appreciating Mr. B. Lloyd Lard 10-15-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! No real news on the Broncos front, or developments in the Brandon Lloyd situation, but I thought I'd share some thoughts on Lloyd. Brandon has been a truly remarkable player for Denver, and it's been a shame to see folks dragging his name around like he's a malcontent or more of a "me guy" than any other NFL player. Sure, he never really did much of anything pre-Denver and never lived up to his billing, and perhaps he was something of an unhappy camper while playing for three different teams in six years. But really, who cares about that stuff? This is Brandon's third season in Denver, so don't we have enough to go on from seeing him on the field and hearing/reading what he has to say every week to form a true opinion of the guy?

For one, the guy spent 14 weeks on the inactive list in 2009 while making the minimum $620K (plus a $50K signing bonus) and we never heard a peep. He then goes out in 2010 and produces one of the best, if not the best, season(s) of any WR in the league and receives a $755K salary, which was the minimum for his experience level (he later received a $500K incentive for making the Pro Bowl). This year, he is playing for a $1.395M salary in the final year of the two-year contract he signed with Denver after having dressed twice in 2009. Yet, we have never heard any inkling of a complaint from either Lloyd or his agent about playing time, his salary or his contract in the 2.3 seasons he's been a Bronco, during which he's made about $2.36M so far and would make about $3M total through the end of this season.

So to recap, that's 104 catches for 1,848 yards and 11 touchdowns in 22 games for $2.36M, while the übertalented guy McDoofus stoopidly traided away has been paid about $14.5M over the past 1.3 seasons (it'll be $19M by season's end) by Miami in exchange for the 108 catches, 1,327 yards, four scores and endless drama for your mama he's already provided. Oh, and he's promising some more of that Monday night (Shutdown Corner, With Leather).

But let's get back to Mr. BLloyd and what we've gotten out of the guy so far: countless highlight-reel catches, many of which already rank among the best we've ever seen from any Bronco (heck, the top ten may all be his), probably the single best season of any Denver WR in history, and thoughtful quotes with zero drama (unless of course, one considers sticking up for the starting QB to be "drama"). He may soon be supplanted by Von Miller in this regard, but Brandon has been the most consistently exciting Bronco to watch since Clinton Portis left eight years ago. The guy is intelligent, well spoken, and he even went out and got himself a job selling specialty aerospace metals during the lockout. Brandon is a unique fellow, and even though he's only played 22 games as a Bronco, his legacy in Denver should be a lasting one for all of us lucky to have seen him play and hear him speak.

Trust me, we will not see a WR in orange and blue with his combination of elite talent and introspection again for a very long time, if ever. BLloyd, thanks for your time here - we hope that one-handed sideline grab Sunday wasn't the end of your Denver career, but if it was, my was it ever an appropriate one.

11:30AM ET - I somehow managed to leave out a crucial point here - Vic Lombardi tweeted yesterday that Denver had offered Llloyd an unguaranteed one-year contract for 2012 amounting to just $4-5 million, which is frankly a laughable figure for someone of Lloyd's caliber, unless he has a lingering injury we don't know about. So, why is it laughable? Nobody in their right mind would agree to such a contract, and no agent worth his cut would ever steer their client to do so. Assuming Lombardi heard correctly, it's quite clear Denver has zero interest in retaining Lloyd, because they're apparently not willing to pay him even half of his appropriate market value. I'm not suggesting this is an incorrect strategy on Denver's part (not wanting to retain Lloyd with Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas waiting in the wings) but why even bother making such a feeble offer? Just to be able to tell the fans "We were in serious discussions with Brandon's representation about keeping him in a Broncos uniform but could not agree to a figure"? I sure hope they don't do Brandon like that...


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