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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Don Banks wrote a lengthy article about Tim Tebow's prospects for the next 11 games, getting analysis from skeptics Brian Billick and Trent Dilfer and the more optimistic Jabar Gaffney, who of course played with Tebow last season and worked out with him over the offseason. Dilfer believes Tebow will have some success early on, but that adjusting to his skills will only be a matter of time for opposing defenses. He also thinks that Tebow's struggles with "rhythm, timing and location" will ultimately be his undoing, and that although Tim has the talent, he's just not consistent enough to be successful at this level. Dilfer goes on to say that Tebow would have had a better chance in the deep-drop NFL of the 1980s, but today's precision passing game based upon timing and shorter drops does not suit him well.

Billick, meanwhile, thinks that Tebow's ability to extend plays is going to end up getting him injured, and he finds it nonsensical that folks are comparing Tim to Cam Newton, whom Billick says is a much better thrower than is Tebow.

Finally, Gaffney says Tebow was exhibiting more poise and a quicker release during the offseason, and that Tim "can make every throw out there." Gaff also points out that the young QB's mobility gives his receivers confidence in that he can keep plays going long enough to find them open. Obviously, we have to hope that Jabar is correct and not just sticking up for his former mate and fellow Gator...


Sadly, today is the day Shanny has to bury his best friend, Mike Hemerdinger, and Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean shares an excellent story about their enduring friendship. Alex Gibbs will join Shanny among the pallbearers. RIP, Dinger.

Woody thinks the proof that Tebow will succeed is in his college stats and winning percentage.

Adam Schefter dreamt up some trades most of us would likely cheer, with D.J. Williams and Brian Dawkins heading to Philly and Kyle Orton to Miami. If you want to read people treating these ideas like actual rumors, you know where to go...

On NFLN's No Huddle, Heath Evans, Jim Mora, Willie McGinest and Michael Irvin discuss Tebow and his prospects, and the Broncos decision to go with him.

Under the category of We Hope it's Not True Because We Need Tim Practicing Snaps From Center and Footwork, but the CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment suggested on Jim Rome's show that his studio was interested in Tebow for a main role in the next Die Hard movie. SOB and With Leather react.

ESPN's FF tool Matthew Berry has been swooning over Tebow ever since meeting him last year. (Thanks, sterto!)

Hulk Hogan seems to think that Tebowmania is infringing upon Hulkamania, or he's just a jealous guy.

Over at the official site, a Q&A with Von Miller via Gray Caldwell, Kenny Legan on the return of Marcus Thomas, and Stuart Zaas on the excellent start to Britton Colquitt's season.


Scott Pioli was apparently prepared to fire Handshake Haley had the Chiefs lost in Indy last week.

Aaron Curry passed his physical, and Oakland made room for him by cutting Bruce Davis, who had just blocked a punt for them on Sunday and whose father was a Raider too. Not For Long, epitomized. Meanwhile, the Raiders are seeking a GM and are interested in Eric DeCosta, Ozzie Newsome's right-hand man in Baltimore, although he's reportedly unlikely to leave.

The Pats have placed DE Mike Wright on IR; Detroit did the same with S Erik Coleman.

The Packers signed Cam Newton's brother, O-lineman Cecil, to their practice squad.

Dez Bryant shockingly failed to show up for a hearing regarding his $600K jewelry/tickets debt.

Chicago has benched safeties Brandon Meriweather and Chris Harris and is going with Chris Conte and Major Wright this week.

A pair of Eagles players have been getting ripped to shreds in Philly after they asked some outraged fans to take down a sign calling for Andy Reid to resign. So, it's not just a Denver thing...

Matt Bowen wonders why teams would ever choose to blitz Aaron Rodgers, and he examines how the Bills defensed Michael Vick.

Greg Garber examines the flood of big comebacks we've seen this year and gets Comeback King* John Elway's take on it. *As much as it pains to write this, Elway is not actually the Comeback King, only in our orange and blue hearts...

Mike Tanier goes over the week's matchups, Brian Burke's Week 6 probabilities, and playoff probabilities: Denver still has a 2% chance to win the division!


Jason Cole says Kyle Orton is among the vets around the league who should be traded, suggesting Baltimore, San Fran and Houston as possible destinations.

Bucky Brooks' X-factor players for the week, plus Mike Silver and John Clayton preview the week's games.

Scott Kacsmar points out that the Packers have done a great job of frontrunning over the past year or so.

Doug Farrar examines some plays that evidence Philly's surprisingly poor pass defense, he breaks down Steelers/Titans from Sunday, and his latest podcast with Greg Cosell.

Mike Tanier says the Bears' struggles are not Jay Cutler's fault, and he lays out a plan to improve their offense before Jay gets killed.

Here's what Chris Brown has been reading, plus some plus-territory punt data from last week's college games, including the decision by Ohio coach Frank Solich (the former Huskers coach) to punt on 4th-and-1 from the Buffalo 36. It didn't work out, just like it didn't work out for Marvin Lewis in Denver kicking a FG on 4th-and-1 from the 5.

Riding the pine for all those years apparently helped turn Aaron Rodgers into an expert photobomber as well.

Chris Chase thinks up some appropriate Transformers nicknames for NFL players other than Calvin Johnson.

KSK's latest Sex/FF mailbag.

Funny or Die created a trailer for Millenball, which is based upon Moneyball. Hilarious, and even Lions fans should be able to laugh about it now that their team is 5-0.

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