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Good Morning, Broncos fans! It seems John Elway has learned his first tough lesson in running an NFL team - be careful what you say to Peter King. Yesterday on NBC, King related a conversation he had with Elway in which the new football exec says he "(doesn't) think Tim Tebow is a good NFL quarterback at this time." King went on to say that if Josh McDaniels lands a job with a team in need of a QB, he could see the former Broncos coach pushing to acquire Tebow. Shortly afterward, Elway scrambled to clarify his remarks via Twitter, saying that Tebow could "turn (himself) into a great QB," that Elway and the organization "think very highly of him," and that any trade speculation is "completely false."

Meanwhile, the Broncos have received permission to interview John Fox and are expected to do so sometime this week. Plus, Gregg Williams is suddenly available to interview after his defense got torched yesterday by the 7-9 Seahawks.


Klis says there are big coaching names who are interested in the Denver job but are not candidates because they'd demand too much power. But he can't tell us, because this is privileged information. Plus, he thinks Wink Martindale is a good DC.

PFW is hearing that Eric Studesville has a good shot at remaining with the team in some capacity next year.

Woody says the Broncos can take their time in finding a new head coach and suggests a duo of Ron Rivera as the head man and Rick Dennison to run the offense. Plus, he throws out a list of about 15 other names so he can say he came up with them first (even though he didn't).

Gary Myers thinks Elway should hire Jim Fassel. Frankly, it reads like a sort of "Hey, I used to cover you here in NJ and you're a nice guy so I'm gonna do you a favor and write that you should get the Denver job, so give me nice access if/when you do get another real job" kind of article...

Klis says the Broncos' list of coaching candidates hints at running the ball more and a tougher defense. Well, sort of.

Anthony Cotton on the business successes and failures of Elway's post-playing career.

LJ thinks Denver should've gotten something in return for Tyler Polumbus. Surely McDaniels made that call, not Xanders.

Jim Armstrong on the changing nature of how fans watch NFL games.

Eric Decker has only kind words for McDaniels.

Kiszla responds to reader questions.


Randy Covitz says the Chiefs and Falcons have succeeded via The Patriot Way. Funny, I thought that doesn't work outside of New England. Maybe I just read it somewhere...

Teicher on the important contributions of the Chiefs' rookies to the team's success.

With the Jets' victory last night, San Diego will now receive a 2nd-rounder in return for Octodad.

More on the fight to bring an NFL stadium to Los Angeles and perhaps attract the Chargers.


Mark Mike Mularkey interviewed for the Browns' job yesterday.

The Bucs have reportedly picked up a 2-year option they held on coach Raheem Morris.

Miami has not only apologized to Tony Soprano Sparano for their recent shenanigans, but they've given him hush money a contract extension.

Dan Pompei is hearing that Dan Snyder is already growing tired of the Shanny and Bruce Allen Show.

Alan Schwarz reports on a VA Tech student who is working to provide reliable information on the safety of different football helmets.

In another important read regarding the NFL, concussions and CTE, Peter Keating details the fight between competing research teams for players' brains - including that of late Broncos WR Kenny McKinley.

Here's what Brian Burke's been reading.


Matt Bowen analyzes yesterday' victories for the Seahawks and by the Jets.

Marshawn Lynch broke about 400 tackles on a remarkable TD run yesterday.

Bill Rhoden on the wackiness that surrounds Pete Carroll.

Jim Trotter on Matt Hasselbeck's stunning performance.

Carson Cistulli's notes on Wild Card weekend.

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