Broncos interested in Fox, Rivera Lard 1-8-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Broncos have asked the Panthers' permission to speak with John Fox - although it was announced that Fox will not return to Carolina, his contract isn't up for a few weeks. Denver will be interviewing Jaguars OC Dirk Koetter and last night received permission to interview longtime Broncos player and coach Rick Dennison, who was Houston's OC in 2010 after fifteen seasons as a Broncos assistant. John Elway also said Chargers DC Ron Rivera is a candidate for the head job, while Brian Xanders added Gregg Williams to that list. Elway also stated that Jim Fassel's name had come up in discussions.


Here's Elway's radio show from yesterday on The Ticket.

Elway and Xanders talked with Gray Caldwell about the upcoming draft; frankly, I hope Xanders comes across more intelligently on an in-person basis...

Mason updates the Broncos' coaching search. Here's Klis' version of the same.

Plus, Mason does an excellent job of pointing out each candidate's perceived strengths and weaknesses.

Legwold makes the case for Packers DC Dom Capers. Sounds good to me. Guy should've been our DC since 2009...

A reader of a Packers blog explains Capers' Cover 7 defense.

The judge in Perrish Cox' case ruled that documents related to his arrest would remain sealed.


Lame duck Charlie Weis says the Chiefs' offense will show up tomorrow.

Teicher's notes on KC.

The Crypt Keeper may take Hue Jackson for a test drive of sorts before making him the Raiders' head man.


These new playoff OT rules have a lot of wrinkles to them. One of them is how an onside kick is handled.

Jeff Fisher will be back with the Titans, but he may not get a contract extension beyond 2011.

The Bengals have picked up the option on Chad Johnson's contract for next year.

The Pats have placed Mike Wright on IR.

Tom Coughlin had some choice (and well deserved, frankly) words for his critics following the Giants' having fallen short of the playoffs with 10 wins.

Mike Lombardi says the Titans had to get rid of Vince Young, plus he shares an excellent glimpse at Bill Walsh's preparation for big games.

Meanwhile, Andrew Brandt looks back on how Young was paid in Tennessee.

Bill Simmons on the Brady/Manning rivalry.

Mike Silver previews the weekend and focuses on Pete Carroll.

PK tries to make sense of the new OT rules.

Kyle Orton finished 8th in Luis DeLoureiro's QB ratings for the season.

Plus, DeLoureiro has a new metric which examines a team's offensive efficiency relative to its starting field position.

Chris Brown explains how to teach quarterbacks to make good decisions with the ball.

Plus, one of his readers explains why number of possessions is much more important than time of possession, and this is best controlled by having the ball at the end of each half. Know who understood that? Josh McDaniels, of course.

In fact, one of Brian Burke's readers found that teams who kick off to begin each half tend to outscore their opponents in that half.

The week's best quotes according to FO.


UCLA S Rahim Moore will enter the draft.

Wisconsin RB John Clay is doing the same.

So will Missouri DE Aldon Smith.

Florida CB Janoris Jenkins is joining them.

Pompei considers the Panthers' options for the first pick.

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