So much for that Lard 1-7-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! It was an eventful day for Denver yesterday, but it doesn't seem like anything that happened is actually good for the Broncos. Andrew Luck is staying at Stanford, which decreases the value of Denver's #2 overall pick. Jim Harbaugh is likely out of the picture after turning down the Dolphins and is now apparently the subject of a bidding war between Stanford and the Niners. Mark Mike Mularkey has told the Broncos to go scratch he's too busy to talk to them now, although he does have time to meet with the Browns. Gregg Williams says he hasn't yet heard from Denver, although they wouldn't be able to meet until the Saints' season ends, anyway. So the Broncos are going to meet with Perry Fewell and Eric Studesville on Sunday, and as of now that is it.

Well, maybe this wasn't so bad a chain of events. While it would be nice for the Broncos to have a new HC ASAP, perhaps it's best that John Elway's first coach hiring takes more than a week or two. After all, what's more important here - finding a new coach quickly, or finding the best man for the job? In his chat session yesterday, Andrew Mason surmised that Denver would wait to speak with Williams, as long as some other candidate didn't "knock their socks off."

One guy I'd like to see Denver talk to (who hasn't been mentioned in any coaching search) is former Vikings head man Brad Childress. Before Childress let himself get run over in 2010 by Brett Favre, he was quite successful with Minnesota, clock-management disasters aside. Childress has HC experience, will come cheap (he's being paid through 2013), has an excellent resume as an offensive coach, and has hired excellent defensive coaches (ie. Mike Tomlin, Leslie Frazier). Why not give Chilly a call?


Klis on the Broncos' shrinking list of coaching candidates.

Kiszla suggests that perhaps folks just don't want to come to Denver to coach. Well, Kiz, perhaps it's because the local newspaper has exhibited a disconcerting amount of power over the past year or two...

Joe Ellis told Legwold (how about that meeting of the minds) that talks with Elway had begun mid-season. Gotta wonder if John was consulted on the decision to fire Josh McDaniels, right?

Prior to the news that Mularkey is not interviewing, Terry Frei wrote that old friend Bill Musgrave, the Falcons' QB coach, should merit some consideration in Denver.

Tebow spoke to Chris Hall about Elway's return and his own ESPN special.

Legwold takes Elway's words and perhaps his own interactions with Ryan Harris to suggest the right tackle won't be back next year.

Klis on the fact that McDaniels is now a hot candidate for several OC jobs. What does that tell you?

LJ is swooning over last night's Tebow special on ESPN. It was quite interesting; aside from how hard Tebow works, what stood out was that his agent knew precisely how the Broncos were going to approach the first round of last year's draft. The guy knew everything.

The Snow Goose responded to fans' questions via the DP.


Legwold suggests that Studesville has a real chance at getting retained. Why? Because other teams are keeping their interim guys and tightening their purse strings. Well gee, Jason Garrett was already making over $3 million and Leslie Frazier was a hot coaching candidate two years ago. But never mind those points...


Teicher on the Chiefs' defense. Plus, notes on KC.

Acee says this is a big offseason for AJ Smith. Meanwhile, Canepa sticks up for the GM.

If the Jets win in Indy, San Diego will get a 2nd-rounder instead of a three in return for OctoDad.

Corkran says the Crypt Keeper usually takes his sweet time in picking a new coach.


Perry Fewell reportedly met with the Panthers about their gig yesterday.

The Browns will interview Rams OC Pat Shurmur today. Pat Kirwan says the Browns' next guy has plenty of work ahead of him.

Mike Sando is reporting that Josh McDaniels is not interested in the Niners' head gig.

Dallas is going with Jason Garrett going forward.

The Dolphins are keeping Tony Soprano Sparano.

ESPN is working toward a renewal on its NFL rights for what's reported to be almost $2 billion annually.

Matt Bowen previews WC weekend.

Chris Chase with a handy reminder that the new OT rules are now in effect.

Brian Burke's game probabilities for this weekend.

Tanier makes his picks for the Saturday and Sunday playoff games.

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Luis DeLoureiro on the best uncapped QB rating performances since the merger.

Bill Barnwell on the best and worst DYAR players this year.

Jack Bechta on how agents seal the deal with potential clients.

Here's what Shane Bacon learned from the 2010 season.


Da'Quan Bowers of Clemson has declared for the draft. So has Ryan Mallett.

Bama's Mark Ingram and Marcell Dareus reportedly will declare today.

Wes Bunting thinks that with Luck staying in school, perhaps the Panthers should go for Georgia WR AJ Green first overall.

Bunting says ND's Kyle Rudolph is his top TE prospect for the draft.

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