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Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Elway was introduced yesterday as the new EVP of Football Ops - in case you missed it, or the sound dropped out of it yesterday (like it did for me), watch the presser here - Part 1 and Part 2. In speaking for almost an hour, Elway covered what he's seeking in a new head coach (offensive or defensive background matters not), the future of Tim Tebow (he's still unproven) and Champ Bailey (his status is up in the air), the new power structure at Dove Valley (Elway will be the tiebreaker between Brian Xanders and the HC), why he wanted the job (he loves the Broncos, and he's competitive) and how he'll be performing it (in a very hands-on manner). Best thing Elway said? "I know what I don't know," although that was followed up by a puzzling "I will find out what I don't know as fast as I possibly can." Hopefully, John's self-awareness means the Broncos will be run sans hubris going forward.

As of now, Elway & Co. will interview Falcons OC Mark Mike Mularkey on Friday and Giants DC Perry Fewell and former Broncos interim coach Eric Studesville on Sunday. Elway said the Broncos are interested in speaking with Jim Harbaugh about the job, although it sounds like the Dolphins are making a big push for his services.

UPDATE 11:20AM ET - The Broncos have posted a full transcript of yesterday's presser - it probably took that long to compile it...

UPDATE 11:58AM ET - ESPN will broadcast their documentary "Tim Tebow: Everything in Between" tonight at 7PM ET and will re-air it at midnight ET on ESPN2.


Elway also answered a few questions from Chris Hall for BTV.

While Elway would prefer a head coach with prior experience running a team, he said it's not a prerequisite.

Elway stated he'll be very active in the scouting process for the upcoming draft.

Although there is no CBA, Brian Xanders says the Broncos do have the ability to use their franchise tag on Champ Bailey if it comes to that.

UPDATE 10:34AM ET - In my haste to compile the Lard, I missed this excellent column from Andrew Mason from yesterday on Elway's ability to make the tough decisions as shown by his firing of a close friend with the Crush.

Arnie's report on the Elway presser.

Klis' story on the return of Elway. Hopefully by the time you read this there isn't a picture of Kyle Orton where Elway and Pat Bowlen are supposed to be. That's the DP for you...

Legwold on the coaching search; as of last night, the Broncos hadn't requested permission to speak with Saints DC Gregg Williams. Plus, the team will bring along a corporate headhunter for their coaching interviews. Gotta wonder if other teams do that. Sounds strange.

Krieger says that going with Elway is akin to a leap of faith; he is also the first DP writer to suggest that perhaps it wasn't all Josh McDaniels' fault and wonder aloud why the Broncos didn't speak with outside candidates before solidifying Brian Xanders' role as GM. Sure - now that the ship has sailed...

Woody shares a firsthand glimpse of Bowlen's excitement over Elway's return.

LJ on Elway's Tebow-related comments.

Plus, LJ on the fact that Xanders is really, really, really the GM now.

Legwold was told the Broncos' brass (Joe Ellis?) has regrets about how they handled Steve Spagnuolo's interview two years ago. Oops (for the record, he was my choice).

In fact, Ellis is apparently almost as happy as we are that he's no longer running the football operations for the Broncos. (I said almost, didn't I?)


In his mailbag, Paige thinks Champ would like to stay in Denver. Interestingly, Woody suddenly says that it was Josh McDaniels who decided to pull the midseason contract offer to Bailey. Really - can these DP clowns come to agreement on any facts? If it's not contract details, it's who did what. Journalism...

After the fact, Legwold says Bowlen is predictable. Whaaaaaat???


Although it's not confirmed, Tafur is confident that Oakland is going with Hue Jackson.

Plus, Tafur goes over the Raiders' roster for 2011.

Matt Bowen says Shane Lechler is right to be pissed about Tom Cable's firing.

Here are some of Handshake Haley's motivational tactics if you're interested.

Babb thinks Mike McCoy is a logical choice to replace Charlie Weis next year in KC.

Mike Silver on Handshake Haley's aggressiveness.

FWIW, I've decided I'm done with the juvenile nicknames for our division rivals, unless I can come up with something a bit more creative...


The Titans are indeed choosing Jeff Fisher over Vince Young.

Minnesota is axing a bunch of coaches.

Wade Phillips is in fact going home to Houston to help Kubes.

Not only is Miami offering big bucks to Harbaugh, apparently they wanted to give Jon Gruden $7 million annually, but he told them to go scratch.

Don Banks handicaps the race for Harbaugh's hire.

Carolina is interested in Browns DC Rob Ryan and his flowing locks.

Dan Pompei on why sometimes it's just better to stick with your coach.

Pat Kirwan previews Ravens/Chiefs and Packers/Eagles.

Here are the playoff odds according to Bodog.

Brian Burke on the huge impact of Billy Cundiff's touchbacks this season.

Luis DeLoureiro thinks KC will be among the teams that regress in 2011.

More good reads from Chris Brown.

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