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Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Elway is officially a member of the Denver Broncos again, having signed a contract last night that makes him the organization's Executive VP of Football Operations. Woody Paige was apparently given an exclusive interview with Elway last night after the contract was finalized. Elway said,

This is all I've really wanted to do since I retired as a player. Football has been my life. I've waited for years, but the timing is perfect. The stars are aligned.

Additionally, Elway stated that Brian Xanders will in fact "be responsible for most of the personnel decisions, the scouting, the draft," and that the search for a new head coach is expected to be completed within a week or two. Elway cited an odd-sounding "study" Xanders performed of previous NFL coaches to placate the folks calling for the hiring of a head coach with a background in defense. Elway said of Tim Tebow,

I was impressed with what he did in the last three games, considering how few reps and plays in games before that, but the questions now are can he translate that grit, the winning attitude, that athletic ability into maturing into a great quarterback on the pro level.

According to Paige, the Broncos will seek permission to interview Saints DC Gregg Williams and Giants DC (and former Bills interim coach) Perry Fewell in addition to Mike Mularkey and Eric Studesville, and that there will be more candidates added in the next day or two. Elway says he did not have an opportunity to speak with Jim Harbaugh about the coaching job at Monday night's Orange Bowl.

UPDATE 10:05AM ET - According to, Elway will be introduced at a 1:30PM MT press conference which the team's site will stream live. We'll have an open thread here on IAOFM for your commentary.


Denver honored Jason Elam at halftime of Sunday's game.

Klis points out that Matt Millen and Dan Marino are the only NFL stars to take FO positions without having been a scout, coach or personnel man in the interim. This is clearly a valid concern, although partially tempered by Elway's experience running the Colorado Crush and hopefully countless hours spent talking shop with his late father Jack, who was the Broncos' head of pro personnel scouting for many years. But for those hoping Elway is the next Ozzie Newsome, Klis reminds us that Newsome worked 11 years in scouting and personnel before his elevation to GM in Baltimore. Best part of the column? Klis actually gets Millen's "wisdom" on how Elway has to attack his new job...

According to LJ, there will be an introductory presser later today for Elway. Plus, more on the Broncos' interest in Fewell, Mularkey and Williams.

Arnie on the Broncos' coaching search.

By Legwold's analysis, the Broncos would have a lot more roster work to do if they were to switch back to a 40 front on defense.

In fact, Legwold's mystery personnel contacts think Robert Ayers is the only guy worth keeping around to play DE in a 4-3.

Notes from Legwold - Denver signed leftfielder guard Manny Ramirez to a future contract yesterday.

Legwold says a lockout would prevent the team from holding offseason workouts.


Jokeland has indeed kicked the Cable guy to the curb, and it's rumored that OC Hue Jackson will take over.

Corkran's version of the same. Plus, Jerry McDonald's take.

Cam Inman thinks this could cause some issues in the locker room.

Teicher says the Chefs are a legit playoff threat.

To no great surprise, the Dolts have canned their special-teams coach.

Acee on the Dolts' pending free agents.


Bud Adams is clearly surrounded by some smart folks; they've told him to dump Vince Young and keep Jeff Fisher around.

The Bangles gave Marvin Lewis a new two-year deal.

The Niners do in fact have a new GM - Trent Baalke.

Cleveland will talk to Mularkey and Rams OC Pat Shurmur about their gig.

The Dolphins are interested in bringing Jim Harbaugh's talents to South Beach.

Carolina wants to speak with Niners DC Greg Manusky.

Ronnie Lott and the Fat Man will head a new NFL committee on player safety.

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson doesn't like how the CBA talks are going.

Ross Tucker tells us who really feels the pain when coaches are fired.

Pat Kirwan says it's all about line play for the Jets. Plus, he says the Sea Chickens must play keepaway.

Here's what Chris Brown is reading.

Mailbags from Peter King and Andrew Brandt.

Tucker Carlson says Michael Vick shouldn't be executed. Rather, he likens Vick to a child molester now. People who talk like this are the ones who usually have the closet mansion full of skeletons...

KSK captionizes Week 17.

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