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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Mike Lombardi says the Panthers are leaning away from drafting a quarterback first overall. Outright bluff? Posturing? Soliciting trade offers via the media? Perhaps that's what's going on. Either way, this of course will make for plenty of pre-draft drama for the next few months. Will they or won't they? Will last night's Orange Bowl MVP Andrew Luck even enter the draft? Should the Broncos move up to take Luck?

For my money, the ideal situation for the Broncos would be for Carolina to select someone else, and then Denver could auction off the #2 pick to the highest bidder, like the Dolts did twice when they had the chance to draft Michael Vick and then when they drafted Eli Manning and ended up with the better quarterback anyway. But this would require the Panthers to not only be in love with Jimmy Clausen, but also to want another player (Da'Quan Bowers?) badly enough to draft the guy first overall, eschewing what could be a lopsided haul for the chance to draft Luck. A guy can dream, right?


Chris Hall and Broncos TV on the finality of yesterday for the team.

Champ Bailey spoke with the Denver press.

Correll Buckhalter, Tim Tebow and Mario Haggan spoke with reporters (Audio).

Eric Detweiler on the players' departure yesterday from team HQ. Plus, the Broncos signed six members of the practice squad to future contracts - LB Dominic Douglas, RB Jeremiah Johnson, RB Brandon Minor, S Nick Polk, WR Eron Riley and DL Mitch Unrein.

Ted Bartlett brings some more perspective in evaluating Tebow's first three starts - the big chunks of yardage he produces, his durability as a runner, his upside in terms of accuracy and what the threat of his running ability means to an offense.

Klis goes over the roster by position and points out their areas of need.

Champ loves Denver, but he's also interested in winning. Hopefully that can happen for him in Denver...

Legwold figures the Broncos will trade Kyle Orton. Hard to imagine otherwise. Plus, how Denver and their division rivals will study Tebow's play in game planning for and against him.

LJ on locker clean-out day. Plus, notes - the Broncos' assistant coaches may learn their fate tomorrow.

Kyle Orton doesn't know where he'll be next year, but he is proud of his season and thinks he's got some "really good football" ahead of him. Yeah, but we want really, really, really good, Kyle.

Legwold share some numbers on the historic crappiness of the Broncos' defense.

Andrew Mason has a handy post up which will track all head coaching interviews around the league.

Klis responds to reader questions about Tebow and Andrew Luck.


Kiszla compares the Rockies and the Broncos. Why? No idea.

Tebow has but three starts under his belt, yet Legwold thinks it's worth noting that his accuracy must improve. Is this not true for every rookie QB in history?


Jason Whitlock slams Handshake Haley, calling him insecure and irrational. Although he says Scott Pioli is an egomaniac, he says "Egoli" deserves all the credit for the Chefs' turnaround.

Babb on Matt Cassel's leadership of his team.

Sounds like the Cable Guy is going to be waiting to hear about his job status for awhile, again.

Matt Bowen thinks it would be crazy to fire Cable.

According to Nancy Gay, the Crypt Keeper may be interested in having Josh McDaniels take over his team. Now wouldn't that be rich? If I were Josh, I'd go for it in a heartbeat...

Nick Canepa says the blame for the Dolts' underachieving belongs to Norv and AJ.

Jenkins sees a lot of uncertainty in San Diego's offseason. Plus, notes on the Dolts.


Jason La Canfora says that John Fox is the leading candidate to replace Eric Mangini in Cleveland, and that if he does, Mike McCoy will likely run his offense.

Jack Del Rio will be back in Jacksonville.

As expected, Kubes is keeping his gig also, and Wade Phillips may become his DC.

Jeff Fisher's status is still up in the air.

A few days after being rumored to be in line to be fired, Tom Coughlin is getting a new contract. Ahh, stability...

Sounds like the Niners will promote from within for their next GM.

Among his notes on the close of the regular season, Pat Kirwan thinks Marvin Lewis deserves to keep his job.

Mike Silver's Monday column.

KSK interprets PK's MMQB.

Don Banks sees the Elway hire as something of a publicity stunt and can't picture McDaniels ending up with the Chefs.

Banks also thinks the NFL needs to reconsider how it seeds the playoff teams.

Denver ranks 28th in Brian Burke's final efficiency ratings for the season.

They're 26th in FO's final DVOA rankings.

Here's what Smart guy Chris Brown has been reading/studying.

Judy Battista previews this weekend's playoff matchups.

Andrew Brandt on Commissioner Goodell's email yesterday to fans.

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