Pro Bleh Lard 1-31-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Last night's Pro Bowl featured a 42-0 NFC lead, 96 combined points, eight turnovers, and two INTs apiece for Philip Rivers and Matt Cassel. Brandon Lloyd caught one pass for 15 yards, while Champ Bailey had four tackles. Browns center Alex Mack scored at the end of the game on a lateral play that is the Pro Bowl in a nutshell. The NFC defenders' interest in pursuing that play encapsulates what the three-hour tour is like for viewers at home. Torture.

AFC West

Brandon Lloyd sat with the NFLN crew at the Pro Bowl and spoke about his success in 2010, his relationship with Adam Gase, and most interestingly spoke about Kyle Orton as if it's a certainly that he'll be traded this offseason.

Krieger shares the story of a Northern Colorado student and Broncos fan who aspires to become the NFL's first deaf coach.

Bob Wylie, who was an assistant OL coach for Denver in 2010, is expected to be hired as Oakland's new OL coach.

Jerry McDonald says it's all wine and roses for Hue Jackson and the Human Herpe. For now.

Teicher on the Chiefs' draft options at #21.

The Chiefs laid off 11 employees last week.


Mike Lombardi says the Eagles will use their franchise tag on Michael Vick.

The Titans would like to trade Vince Young. Sounds like a setup for Bud Adams to end up keeping VY after he can't get even a bag of dirty laundry for the guy.

Judy Battista lays out the CBA situation.

AFC and NFC Whispers from PFW.

Mike Silver runs the gamut in his Monday column from Aaron Rodger's strange path to NFL greatness to a bunch of NFL players who are throwing their weight behind an anti-porn movement.

In his MMQB, PK speaks with the Commish, who says none of Ben Roethlisberger's teammates stood up for his character when Goodell was considering his suspension. Plus, PK once again flails at trying to defend the relative dearth of Broncos in the HOF.

Daily Supe

Maurkice Pouncey is probably out for the SB.

Packers lineman TJ Lang went to the same high school as ex-Bronco Mike Lodish.

In Green Bay they're still asking Mike Holmgren about losing to the Broncos in Supe 32. HAHAHA

Matt Bowen on Chuck Wood's leadership.

Plus, how to stop Big Ben. (Saying "NO" doesn't work, obviously)

Pat Kirwan says a focus for both defenses will be keeping the QBs in the pocket.

Chase Stuart puts Rodgers' QB rating into perspective.

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