Running fools Lard 1-30-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Does anyone at the Post understand why the Broncos didn't run the ball well in the first half of the season? Were they actually paying attention up in the press box? Klis pays a visit to Legwold Land and shares his own brilliant analysis which says that teams with lots of rushing attempts did well in terms of either yards or points allowed on defense. Funny thing is, he announces that the best three defenses in the league for his money in 2010 were Green Bay, Chicago and New Orleans. Where did these three teams rank in terms of rushing attempts? 20th, 21st and 30th, respectively.

As for the Broncos, Klis tries to say the Broncos just didn't try to run the ball in 2010 - not that they were completely incapable of doing so early on, with their young and banged-up offensive line. In fact, no mention at all of the offensive line. He also points to the Broncos' running success over the last three games (126 yards per) but for some reason ignores their success over the last eight games, once Ryan Harris moved back into the starting lineup and Zane Beadles shifted over to left guard (1,006 yards or 125.8 per game).

Know what's funny? The same idiots hacks who love to write one week that you need a great QB to win a Super Bowl (which I tend to agree with) love to turn around and say it's all about defense and running the ball well that means winning Super Bowls. We're about to see a Super Bowl featuring the 1st- and 8th-best QBs in NFL history in terms of QB rating, but it's all about running the ball!


Brandon Lloyd has been a bit starstruck during his time at the Pro Bowl.

Meanwhile, Klis says that Lloyd's selection should somehow inspire his teammates to reach the Pro Bowl.

Tanier includes Derek Loville among his list of multiple-SB winning players who didn't do much to get their rings. Never mind that he topped 100 yards and scored twice in the Broncos' playoff beatdown of Jacksonville...


Dan Pompei is hearing that Mike Munchak is the frontrunner to succeed Jeff Fisher in Tennessee. Plus, the Raiders may want to hire their old LB Winston Moss as their next DC.

Gregg Williams supposedly couldn't face his defensive players one day and interview with the Broncos the next, but he may be interested in the Titans gig.

Joe Flacco is pissed about the firing of Ravens QB coach Jim Zorn.

Former baseball commish Fay Vincent thinks the NFL's owners are a bit greedy.

The South team beat the North squad 24-10 in the Senior Bowl yesterday.

Farrar recaps the game. Plus, here were his practice standouts for the South team.

Luis DeLoureiro on the best QB playoff performances in terms of unlimited QB rating.

Nick Barnett is clearly jealous that he's had little to do with the Packers' success this season. First, it was the team picture. Now, it's Aaron Rodgers' comments about injured teammates who haven't been rehabbing with the team. Ever seen someone who hasn't played in four months get so much attention during the Super Bowl run-up?

John McGrath on what the criticism of Jay Cutler by his peers says about the NFLPA.

Herschel Walker is now 2-0 in MMA.

Here's what Brian Burke has been reading.

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