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Happy Friday, Broncos fans! Lots of talk about concussions, injuries and the future of the NFL. Ben McGrath for the New Yorker wonders if head injuries will someday spell the end of pro football's relevance. Meanwhile, Chris Brown of Smart Football thinks more crucial will be how concussions shape youth and amateur football going forward. Plus, Esquire unveiled a bunch of injury data the NFLPA has collected for its CBA battle. Makes one question just what we're all tuning in for, doesn't it?


John Fox interviewed former Titans DC Chuck Cecil before settling on Sam Garnes for the position of assistant secondary coach.

Legwold's latest poll of NFL coaches and GMs think Fox has put together a fine staff. Not sure how that's possible though - he kept most of Josh McDaniels' offensive coaches!

Forgotten man LenDale White says the time he's spent rehabbing his torn Achilles has allowed him time to reevaluate his personal life and gain new perspective.

Brandon Lloyd did a bit of surfing this week in Hawaii as he preps for the Pro Bowl.

Highlights of the Broncos' pass defense from 2010.


Woody shows us just how much he knows about football as he evaluates the Broncos' roster by calling Richard Quinn a "terrible draft pick" and Britton Colquitt an "adequate punter," dismissing Kevin Vickerson, and calling Andre' Goodman "serviceable but cuttable." Plus, he shares another nugget to paint Kyle Orton as the anti-Tebow bad guy. Woody apparently has a different personnel guy he talks to than Legwold - in fact, he calls his guy "exceptional." For the record, Woody's guy says the Broncos have seven Pro Bowl-level (or potential) players, while Legwold's pals think they only have four.


The Titans have fired Jeff Fisher a few weeks too late (my choice for the Broncos job). Oh, well. Fisher will reportedly get $8 million as his parting gift, and the Broncos were indeed interested in Fisher. Meanwhile, Mike Lombardi and Mike Silver weren't shocked by Fisher's departure. Was it nepotism that got him canned?

Hue Jackson has hired Steve Wisniewski as an assistant OL coach.

Jim Zorn has left the Ravens.

The NFL's chief negotiator thinks teams will use their franchise tags within a few weeks, even with the CBA deadline looming.

Jay Cutler is having a pretty rough time getting around on his bum knee. Meanwhile, Jason Whitlock wonders if Jay checked out a long while ago. Plus, CHFF pulls up a few of Cutler's finest quotes.

OctoDad (it's just catchier than NonaDad) and Matt Hasselbeck exchanged pleasantries yesterday.

OctoDad has been calling out the NFLPA and its leadership. Whitlock thinks Octo's words show that the players will flip on their union in short order.

Drew Rosenhaus says Plaxico Burress will be back next season.


Here's who stood out at the Senior Bowl to Pat Kirwan and to Matt Bowen.

Wes Bunting's thoughts on the week.

Jack Bechta puts the Senior Bowl in perspective.

Farrar's North and South practice notes.

Daily Supe

Maurkice Pouncey has a broken bone in his ankle.

Hines Ward told some students in April that he'd retire if he got a third ring this season.

Super Bowl odds galore.

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