More fun with Brian Xanders Lard 1-27-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Brian Xanders recited his talking points responded to questions for the mothership yesterday. Honestly, this guy needs a spokesperson or an editor. If Pippi Bongstocking can afford to have a PR rep on a 3rd-string RB's salary, then surely the Broncos organization could spring for one to speak on behalf of Xanders, no? Someone needs to stop having him represent the Broncos publicly. I dare you to read this whole thing through without making a face or screaming like this (► perhaps don't click that link at work with the volume really high, or if foul language offends you). When asked what message John Fox laid out to his new coaching staff at the Senior Bowl, here's what Xanders had to say:

John Fox was also excited in terms of enthusiasm and positive energy, and just glad everybody was together for the first time.

If questioning Xanders' intelligence is getting old for you, I'm sorry. While I do parse the words of the DP writers daily, I'm not seeking it out with Xanders. Unfortunately, there's no effort required - he just hits you squarely in the face with incoherence - over and over again. Obviously, we just have to hope he knows his stuff when it comes to football.


Fox says his coaching staff is diving into the tapes to evaluate the Broncos' current roster.

Legwold thinks the Broncos will consider signing DeAngelo Williams and expects Ryan Harris to be playing elsewhere next season.

In his mailbag, Woody actually knocks Jay Cutler for seeking out Aaron Rodgers to congratulate him on Sunday. Really, Paige? That's pretty ridiculous... Frighteningly, Fox told Woody that he "would rather go with his worst running play than a pass play." Oh, brother.

Klis says Wink Martindale could land in NJ, Dallas or Baltimore.


Dave Krieger opens with his best Woodrow impersonation, prepared to act like the Grand Poobah of Denver Football before being preempted by Dennis Allen. Krieger apparently likes Allen because he thinks the new DC is not arrogant like Josh McDaniels, although he manages to dance around the former coach's name throughout the column. All that aside, Krieger does get some decent quotes out of Allen, who thinks the keys to a good defense are points allowed, takeaways and their red-zone play. Plus, he talks about playing a defense which fits the existing personnel well.


The Jets reportedly denied Oakland permission to speak with their secondary coach about the Raiders' vacant DC position.

Jerry McDonald on Hue Jackson's rough upbringing.


Dick LeBeau says if he's coaching next year, it will be in Pittsburgh.

Roger Goodell says he'll cut his salary to a dollar if there's a lockout.

Richard Sandomir on the online PR battle that's become of the CBA talks.

Part 6 of Andrew Brandt's examination of the labor negotiations.

Jim Trotter on the difficulty facing HOF voters this year.

This is pretty wild. Green Bay has not trailed by more than 7 points ALL YEAR.

KSK captionizes the title games, including a couple of Cutler gems.


Pat Kirwan is impressed by the South team's offensive linemen.

Mason's notes from the North and South practices.

Bunting's practice notes from yesterday, plus his thoughts on the quarterbacks in Mobile.

Farrar's North and South practice notes.

Russ Lande talks about his scouting background and shares some thoughts on the Senior Bowl players.

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