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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Defensive coordinator Dennis Allen joined the rest of the Broncos' coaching staff in Mobile for the Senior Bowl and called his new gig "a wonderful opportunity" while citing a better personal and professional fit as his reasoning for choosing Denver over Philly. Allen will call the defensive plays for Denver next season, and head coach John Fox said Allen's experience coaching both the line and the secondary influenced his decision to hire the 38-year-old Texan. Meanwhile, his old boss Sean Payton said that he saw a future coordinator and head coach early on in his time working with Allen.


Jeff Duncan of the Times Picayune on Dennis Allen's departure from New Orleans.

More on Allen from the Sun Herald.

John Elway is at the Senior Bowl. Hopefully he knows what he's looking at...

Legwold explains just what a quality control coach does.


Because he doesn't outwardly agree with Legwold and the vast legion of NFL expert super talent evaluators he has on speed-dial in thinking that the Broncos have zero talent, Dennis Allen is apparently wearing "orange-colored glasses."


The Chargers have five picks in the first three rounds of April's draft.

Hue Jackson canned five assistant coaches and is at the Senior Bowl.

Plus, some candidates emerged to fill out Jackson's coaching staff.

Phil Rivers was apparently pleased with how Sunday went.


It appears the body of Ed Reed's brother has been found.

George Bretherton poses a fine question - why do successful play challenges count toward anything? Perhaps it's to eliminate relatively frivolous challenges, but still...

Peter King and Andrew Brandt respond to email questions.

In a rare serious column, KSK tells us why the NFL kicks the crap out of every other pro sports league.

Rashard Mendenhall has some splainin' to do for his late-game hump of Rapelisberger.

To all those morons who bought Chad Johnson's Ochocinco jerseys, guess what?!?! Yeah, they're no good anymore.

Brian Urlacher's heartfelt message to his boy Cutler, whose knee was so banged up Sunday night that he walked a flight of stairs to dinner.

Some schlub in Chicago got fired for wearing a Packers tie to work.

HAHAHA PK must have LOVED that Mary Carillo talked about KSK in an HBO profile on King.


Oregon State DT Stephen Paea tore a knee ligament at the Senior Bowl.

Pat Kirwan on the Senior Bowl's top OT prospects.

Matt Bowen's notes from the Senior Bowl. Plus, some of the schemes and coverages we'll see from Mobile.

Wes Bunting's practice notes from yesterday. Plus, notes on the South squad.

Andrew Mason's North and South notes.

Bowen on the Senior Bowl's top safety prospects.

Day 2 notes from The Football Guys.

Farrar's North and South practice notes.

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