You Get What You Give Lard 1-24-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Yeah, I went there. Overplayed, oft-criticized, end-of-the-nineties one-hit wonder - everyone loved it for about 5 minutes and then got tired of the song's arrogance in calling out one of the most remarkable musicians of our time, among other established stars. Sounds sort of like Jay Cutler, doesn't it? The New Radicals challenging Beck to a fight isn't dissimilar to Jay Cutler saying he had a stronger arm than John Elway, is it? No need to rehash here all of the reasons we can't stand Jay. But at least we no longer stick out as Jay's jilted and jealous ex-fans - we're now just part of the crowd. Everyone hates Jay Cutler, apparently.

Perhaps it's a bit much for Bears fans to burn his jersey, and presumptive at best to question the severity of his knee injury from afar. We all did it yesterday, but we're just a tad biased. I know I am. But before we all feel bad for Jay and what is likely a nationwide overreaction (we'll know for sure after his MRI results become public), let's just be honest here - the guy had it coming (the reaction, not the injury). Rather than write sanctimonious columns about the firestorm of NFL players knocking Cutler via Twitter, shouldn't football scribes be asking, "Why?" As in, why do the (in)actions of Jay Cutler elicit such disbelief and negativity from other players? Or why does Jay Cutler cause a fraternity of pro footballers that is most always collegial off the field to turn on him publicly?

To come back to The New Radicals, there are some lyrics in their notorious hit which didn't make the final cut, but they seem fitting for both Jay's departure from Denver and yesterday's drama..."Championed by a soulless media misleading...No one with a brain is believing...Human nature's so predictable, I'm a fool to do your dirty work." You get what you give, Jay. You get what you give...


The laziness at the DP continues. Woody can't even get the details of Brett Favre's last pass in SB XXXII right, for crying out loud. But don't worry, Woody - I'm just picking nits here. It's not like this is an important moment in Broncos history. Actually, it's THE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT IN BRONCOS HISTORY. For the record, it was a 4th-and-6 play from the Broncos' 31, and the pass was thrown to the 25-yard line. Took about thirty seconds to look it up the play-by-play on Google and watch a YouTube clip of the throw. You've heard of this thing called Google, right Woody???

AFC West

The Eagles interviewed Saints DB coach Dennis Allen yesterday and could also have interest in Packers DL coach Mike Trgovac. Jeff McLane speculates that Philly may also speak to coaches from the Bears and Jets, along with a couple other Packers assistants after the SB.

Perry Fewell doesn't think he was interviewed to satisfy the Rooney Rule.

Trevor Pryce thinks the Broncos did well in hiring John Fox.

Jerry McDonald says Tom Cable was out the door once the Raiders got shellacked in Pittsburgh.

KC's Tamba Hali and Eric Berry are heading to the Pro Bowl.


Carson Palmer is apparently willing to retire if the Bengals don't trade him.

Dick LeBeau's contract is up after this season, although he is 73 years old.

In PK's MMQB, he cites an NFL GM who says the best coaching hire of the offseason (head or assistant) was Josh McDaniels by the Rams. Shockingly, PK was off on his Emmanuel Sanders prediction by 6 catches, 81 yards and a TD. Thanks for playing though, Peter.

Pompei says there's an advantage for the NFL guys who coach the Senior Bowl.

Mike Band has Denver taking Nick Fairley at #2.


Michael Wilbon says the Bears are still without a worthy QB.

Karen Crouse saw tears from Jay as he left Soldier Field.

Matt Bowen recaps the Packers and Steelers' victories.

Mike Silver's Monday column.

Don Banks on the dream matchup of Green Bay versus Pittsburgh.

The Green & White of New Jersey are sad today...

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