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Good Morning, Broncos fans! These things are rolling out once a week now - the DP and the stake-burning crowd got Josh McDaniels fired, and now the very same hacks journalists are finally sharing their Jay Cutler info, but two years too late for McDaniels' good. Last week it was Rick Reilly writing that Cutler wouldn't even restrain his petulance for the likes of John Lynch and John Elway. Today, Klis cites three sources who say that Cutler demanded a trade the very day McDaniels was announced as head coach. For the past two years, we've been told by the entire national and local sports media that what caused Cutler to demand a trade was that McDaniels listened to a trade offer involving Matt Cassel. It was McDaniels' foolishness, arrogance and desire to remake the Broncos out of former Patriots that caused him to listen to a trade offer. When Cutler caught wind of this, his undies got bundled he was enraged and only then demanded a trade, or so the story had gone.

Granted, this news may come as no surprise to some folks. And of course, Klis goes on to say that McDaniels had his chances to repair his own relationship with Cutler. But did he really? McDaniels wasn't only dealing with Cutler and Bus Cook - he was fighting nationwide misperception, an overzealous media and fan base, and like Klis writes in his opener, "he never had a chance with Jay Cutler."


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