Allen interviews; Trgovac would listen Lard 1-22-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Fox interviewed Saints secondary coach Dennis Allen yesterday in Charlotte, NC for Denver's vacant DC position. Meanwhile, current Packers DL coach Mike Trgovac, who was Fox's DC in Carolina from 2003-08, said yesterday that he would hear out the Broncos' interest in him. The 51-year-old Trgovac said a "huge factor" for his choice of where to work in 2011 is that his daughter will be a senior in high school and their move to Wisconsin already forced her to switch high schools. Trgovac likewise explained his reasoning for taking a lesser position to leave Carolina two years ago and stressed that his relationship with Fox "was great" and that they still remain close.


Wow. This is just spectacular. Mike Peticca of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer has an entry on each of the AFC Championship Games between the Broncos and Browns including YouTube clips that I believe cover the entire games (or at least most of them). I guess those Clevelanders are just gluttons for punishment - why else would they want to rehash this stuff? I actually just got sidetracked watching Michael Young haul in the bomb from Elway in the '89 game. Here they are:

1986 AFC Championship - The Drive

1987 AFC Championship - The Fumble

1989 AFC Championship - Once More, With Feeling

Another version of the Trgovac story from the Journal Sentinel.


Legwold's always brilliant analysis says that Fox's retention of most of Josh McDaniels' offensive coaches means that he'll do things totally differently in 3rd-and-short situations. Huh? Plus, don't bother to read any of his third-down statistics - not only are they incorrect, but he bizarrely did not include fourth downs. Even better, Legwold uses these incorrect 3rd-down numbers without offering any context whatsoever, such as how other teams attack 3rd-and-short situations. So, Jeff - you think John Fox will run it more on third or fourth and short than McDaniels did? Well, here are the real numbers from 2010 on 3rd or 4th down and 1 or 2 yards:

Denver ran it 19 times and passed it 13 times = 59/41 run/pass
Carolina ran it 23 times and passed it 16 times = 59/41 run/pass

Well, what do you know? The Broncos and Carolina had the same run/pass ratio on third and fourth down with one or two yards to go. In fact, if we really want to nitpick, Denver  ran the ball almost half a percentage point more.


The Crypt Keeper wasn't done after his press conference earlier in the week - he stuck around to answer plenty of questions from reporters. Here are Tafur's transcriptions - Part 1 and Part 2.

Jason Michael will be the Chargers' new TE coach.

Tim Sullivan on the LA stadium plan.


Dick Jauron is the new DC in Cleveland.

Dave Wannstedt will be an assistant head coach in Buffalo and coach their inside LBs.

Mike Shula will coach the QBs in Carolina.

The Mangenius/Mangina may end up running the Titans' defense.

Cam Newton has signed a deal with the Devil Bus Cook.

Chris Simms turned down a plea deal.

The NFL put the screws to Toyota on a commercial that had featured a helmet-to-helmet hit.

Andrew Brandt's Friday contract notes.

Chris Brown on another interesting study from Cade Massey - this one on the importance of gaining at least four yards on first and 10.

The week's best quotes according to FO. If anyone here is a huge Peyton Hillis fan, perhaps it will be tempered by the fact that he doesn't seem to have proper respect for Chuck Norris.


Pat Kirwan on what the last four quarterbacks are facing.

Mike Lombardi breaks down the matchups.

Mike Silver says the Bears deserve to be here.

PK previews tomorrow's games and obnoxiously predicts how many times the Steelers' analrapist will throw to Emmanuel Sanders.

Barnwell analyzes Packers/Bears, while Schatz looks at Jets/Steelers.

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