The Daily Lard 1-21-11

Happy Friday, Broncos fans! As reported yesterday afternoon, the Broncos have received permission from the Saints to speak with their secondary coach Dennis Allen. Allen is expected in Denver to speak with the trainer team officials for parts of today and tomorrow, and he is then scheduled to interview with the Eagles for the remainder of the weekend. Saints head coach Sean Payton said of Allen,

"He's extremely talented, and another thing about him, he's an extremely hard-working guy...He has done a very good job. He's extremely well thought of within this building."

Apparently, "extremely" is to Sean Payton what "outstanding" is to Jon Gruden...


More of Payton's thoughts on Allen from Mike Triplett.

Plus, the view from Philly, via Les Bowen and Jeff McLane.

Brian Xanders responded to several fan questions for the DP. It's an excruciating read, especially for a spelling and grammar nut like me. Beyond the grammatical stuff, he actually  mentions Chris Baker and Tyler Polumbus like they're current Broncos. Heck - maybe he thinks they're still on the team? Let's just hope he's a better talent evaluator and wheeler/dealer than he is a speaker and writer...

Legwold's notes on the Broncos' coaching search. He says Mike Trgovac's friends in the NFL think Trgovac may not be interested in being a coordinator at this point.

Mason on Josh McDaniels' hiring in St. Louis.

Charges against Kevin Alexander were dropped.

Damn, and I thought I was clever for calling Maroney the black Heidi. This is WAYYYYYYYYY better.


Denver's version of Jay Glazer Josina Anderson tries to refute Woody's assertion that Champ Bailey will get a new deal from the Broncos. Strangely, she gets a quote from Champ's agent saying that the Broncos haven't been in contact since before the 2010 season, and then a sentence later writes that a deal was nearly consummated during the season. Even better, Josina refers to herself in the third person in her own news article.

Legwold on what he sees in the NFL's final four. He says the difference between McDaniels and Mike Tomlin are their egos.

Plus, he writes that the draft is important to John Elway and Brian Xanders' success. Really.


Al Saunders will run the Raiders' offense next season.

Acee examines San Diego's 2011 player salaries.

Canepa on the Chargers' new ST coach.

The Chiefs have named Mark Donovan team president.

Matt Cassel is replacing Tom Brady in the Pro Bowl.


Darrell Bevell replaces Jeremy Bates in Seattle.

The Browns interviewed Dave Wannstedt for their DC job.

Chuck Cecil got canned in Tennessee.

The Ravens' owner thinks a CBA deal will get done.

Dan Wetzel on a spray made from deer antlers that NFL players are using as a substitute for HGH.

Jack Bechta on what players and their agents face on their way to the draft.

Judy Battista on the art of the pump fake.

Jim Nantz has become active in Alzheimer's research.

More practice notes from the East-West Shrine game by Wes Bunting.

Wow - Pat Shurmur gives his old boss Steve Spagnuolo the finger while "thanking him" (2:15 of the clip - Originally CHFF)


Matt Bowen's keys to the AFC title game.

Don Banks gets Chan Gailey's thoughts on the four remaining teams' quarterbacks.

Tanier previews Packers/Bears and Jets/Steelers.

Brian Burke's game probabilities for Sunday.

Bob Holtzman won't be getting any scoops out of Pittsburgh anytime soon. Idiot.

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