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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Mike Klis suggests that Jim Mora's decision not to coach next season was financially motivated, as he is entering the last year of his contract from his HC gig in Seattle. Not sure what the logic behind Klis' thinking is, since Mike Shanahan and Josh McDaniels are still getting paid quite a bit to not coach the Broncos. But perhaps there's some unique stipulation in Mora's contract. Either way, he's not going to be the Broncos' DC, and it seems just as well - was anyone actually excited by the prospect of his hire? For now, the remaining candidates are apparently Packers DL coach Mike Trgovac and incumbent DC Wink Martindale - it should be noted that Green Bay is not compelled to allow Denver permission to speak with Trgovac once their season has ended. Perhaps some new names will pop up over the next week or two.

Plenty of hackery today - so much that I had to include it in the title. Thankfully, TJ will be around with some Mail Revue to make our brains hurt less...


Broncos TV compiled a clip of the team's best passing highlights from 2010. The rushing, defense and ST highlights will be one 30-second video...

Mike McCoy spoke with Gray Caldwell about being reunited with John Fox and what he learned as a play-caller over the season's final four games.

Klis shares some more quotes from McCoy and a bit of the OC's background.

In an introductory conference call for his new gig in St. Loo, Josh McDaniels hinted that the Broncos had lacked structure and a unified direction and that his own responsibilities were a bit murky.


Woody thinks Dom Capers works for the Bears, apparently. Hey Paige - he's actually the Packers DC but don't worry about such trifling details. Doesn't end there, though - Woodrow reminds us he's the Gatekeeper in Denver - "I probably should have been more aware of McDaniels from the beginning..." Yes, Woody - you blew it by underutilizing your awesome power. Perhaps you shouldn't have aimed so low as to tell the guy what to wear on the sidelines. In terms of actual journalism, he tries to explain the new power structure at Dove Valley and claims the Broncos will either re-sign or franchise Champ Bailey.

But wait - there's more! Woody says Jim Fassel was the backup HC choice in 1995 had Shanny turned down Pat Bowlen's advances, and that Fassel had asked Woody to "back" his candidacy. Woodrow has the audacity to write, "He knew I was in favor of Shanahan. I said I'd consider him and see what would happen."

Legwold says that the decision whether to attend the Senior Bowl is about showing "an attitude" for the Broncos. Okay, Jeff...

Next, Legwold writes Denver is "wafer-thin at (defensive) end and linebacker" if they switch to a 4-3 and that without Champ, Legwold speculates "most personnel people would give the Broncos an average rating at cornerback. Dumervil/Ayers wafer-thin? Hyperbole much? As for the corners, not only is it hilarious for Legwold to surmise what "most personnel people" would conclude, but sans Champ and with Perrish Cox likely in a jumpsuit or cut from the team, even the most optimistic Kool-Aid drinker wouldn't call the remaining players average relative to the rest of the league, would they?


Scott Ostler says the Raiders are lost at sea with the Human Herpe.

Tafur's notes on the Raiders.

Cam Inman thinks Jason Campbell is the key to Oakland's 2011 prospects.

More movement on a stadium in LA. Are the Chargers on their way out of the Whale's Vagina?


Tom Brady is having foot surgery. No word on whether Sexy Rexy and Mrs. Ryan will be there to suck his toes back to health...

Rams QB coach Dick Curl has retired. Normally I wouldn't bother with a QB coach story, but 1) gotta figure Ben McDaniels is a candidate to replace him 2) it's a chance to write the name Dick Curl a couple of times...

Former Broncos QB Bill Musgrave is likely the next Browns OC.

POTUS says he's going to the Supe if the Bears make it.

DeMaurice Smith and the Commish met in NY yesterday.

56 underclassmen have declared for the 2011 Draft.

Here's Dan Pompei's All-Pro ballot.

Mike Lombardi on what the Pats and Ravens must fix.

Part 5 of Andrew Brandt's series on the CBA issues.


Matt Bowen previews Packers/Bear.

Mike Silver on the attention being paid Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler.

Don Banks' thoughts on the conference title matchups.

Our Patron Saint is trying to explain away his choice of the Pats over the Jets. Oh, brother.


Wes Bunting's latest Shrine Game practice notes.

North Carolina DT Marvin Austin is catching eyes at the Shrine Game.

McShay has Denver taking Nick Fairley, while Kiper has them going with Patrick Peterson.

Farrar examines a couple of RB prospects.

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