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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Word is that Tim Tebow's injuries from Saturday night would likely have kept him out of the AFC title game had the Broncos won; Barry Petchesky considers how Tebow and the Broncos should deal with this going forward. There were some comments yesterday noting that Tebow's injury occurred in the pocket, and so his being a running QB shouldn't mean he's more prone to injury than any other QB. But this is about Tim's style of play inviting more contact than other QBs take, because he is more often a runner without the in-the-pocket QB protections. He's just going to take more hits than other quarterbacks. Add in the ridiculous hype that surrounds him, and just like guys supposedly want to play harder for him? His opponents surely relish taking him down too - they also have extra motivation. Obviously, his size, strength and toughness help, but eventually the multitude of hits he takes will cost him.

What about Cam Newton? Well, the same can be said for him too, although Cam has a much better chance of success should the Panthers ever decide to put a rein on his running. And, who cares? Whatever the Panthers do with Cam Newton has nothing to do with whether Tebow can can survive the punishment.


Dave Krieger says Tebow's injuries are a reminder that he's not invincible, and it raises the question of what type of offense a backup QB would run. So, do you stick with featuring QB runs and draft a backup suited to that, or do you go conventional and make Tebow compete for the job under that structure? Obviously, I think the latter is the way to go, and it's what I think the Broncos will do.

Notes from Legwold: EFX will be attending the Senior Bowl together next week.

Brian Dawkins says the man upstairs is going to tell him whether he should play again next year.

Legwold details the new offseason training rules, which stipulate that players can spend time at Dove Valley, they just can't be working with coaches until April. Now, who exactly is going to enforce these rules if Tebow and say, Adam Gase decide they want to work together starting now? I'm figuring this rule has about as much teeth as the ones that apply to Super PACs.

Sam Monson breaks down each of Rob Gronkowski's three TD catches from Saturday, if you can bear it.

Klis continues trying to sell books his new Tebow outlook, claiming it'll be easy for Tim to increase his completion rate to 52% and that doing so should result in nine wins next season. He even supports...wait for it...the inevitable Alex Smith comparison! Klis suggests Tebow can make the same improvements Smith has, in six years. Meanwhile, this is actually Smith's seventh year in the league, and as we all know it was a rough road to get here. Klis also makes the point that because Denver has lost some games after deferring the opening kickoff, maybe they shouldn't do so anymore. You know, I've also noticed they've lost games when they wore wristbands. Perhaps those should go too. There is one worthwhile nugget - he says Julius Thomas never quite recovered from the high ankle sprain he suffered Week 2. One question - why is Woody Paige now writing under Mike Klis' byline?

Skip Bayless bade Tebowmania adieu with a bizarre vignette.


Jim Irsay and Archie Manning said that Rob Lowe's claim that Peyton Manning would retire is false; but Lowe is sticking to his story and says he has a "pretty darn good source". Perhaps Lowe's source was really talking about C Jeff Saturday, who may be retiring for real.

The Titans promoted several FO execs, while Minnesota is expected to make Colts secondary coach Alan Williams their new DC; Jags coach Mike Mularkey retained two defensive assistants, hired the worst safety in Broncos history Marlon McCree to assist with the secondary, and interviewed Ron Zook to coach special teams.

Jeff Fisher interviewed Huebris Jackson yesterday regarding the Rams OC gig, and the Bears met with a Giants personnel man about their GM vacancy.

LaDanian Tomlinson says the Jets locker room is a dysfunctional disaster and that Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes likely cannot coexist.

Terrell Owens really is going to play in the Indoor Football League, and he'll be a part-owner, too.

The man who invented the football flak jacket passed away at the age of 79.

Andy Benoit breaks down Sunday's matchups for the Times and predicts narrow victories for the Pats and Giants; plus, his AFC and NFC analyses for CBS; Pat Kirwan also offers his thoughts on the AFC and NFC games.

Patriots aside, Mike Tanier celebrates the return of defense to Conference Championship Sunday.

Mike Silver checks in with Dwight Clark and compares his famous catch to the one by Vernon Davis on Saturday; Jason Cole on the history of dual TE threats.

Doug Farrar looks back at the decimated 2009 class of new head coaches.

Scott Kacsmar applies his remarkable research skills to home field advantage in the playoffs, a factor which has not lost its teeth in any sense.

Mike Lombardi thinks the Colts should turn to Oregon's Chip Kelly for their HC vacancy; Andrew Brandt points out that Ray Rice and Arian Foster may be about to hit the market.

More PFW honors: Cam Newton is ROY, Aldon Smith their DROY, Wade Phillips the Assistant Coach of the Year, and again here's their All-Rookie Team including Von Miller and Chris Harris.


ESPN is among the many large traditional media behemoths that support SOPA, although it turns out their own pet project Grantland would be in danger of being shut down by that very same potential law. Awkward.

Jack Bechta thinks the NFL should add three rounds back to the draft. Sure, why not?

Chris Brown explains how to beat Cover 2 with a delayed slant out of a Smash concept.

There will be several rookies this year among the companies advertising during the Super Bowl.

Christmas Ape created an NFL-inspired zodiac, while Drew Magary shares his notes from a parenting seminar.

If you ever wondered what the guys on Around The Horn do during commercial breaks, here's your answer.

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