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Good Morning, Broncos fans! According to LJ, the Broncos are close to hiring Jim Mora as their new defensive coordinator after Sean McDermott took the same job in Carolina. Mora spent the 2010 season as an analyst for NFL Network after working the 25 previous years as an NFL coach, including stints as the head coach of Atlanta (2004-06) and Seattle (2009). Mora has spent much of his career working with his teams' defensive backs, including 3 years as a defensive assistant, 12 years as a secondary coach, and 5 seasons as a defensive coordinator (49ers, 1999-2003).

In his time as a DC or HC, Mora's defenses have had mixed results, ranking on average 20th in points allowed and 20th in yardage, ranking as high as 9th in points and 13th in yards. Considering his background as a DB coach, it may be surprising to find that Mora's defenses have done better at defending the run (13th in yardage, on average) than the pass (24th in yardage, on avg).


Legwold says not to expect a high draft pick in return for Kyle Orton. If the Broncos can manage a third-rounder, I'll be happy...

Some quick bios on each of the Broncos' eight assistants announced yesterday.

A review of the season's winless second quarter by the team's site.


Klis soils his mailbag right off the bat by trying to predict the Broncos' 2011 record, including the fact that one game will be cancelled due to a lockout. At least he's willing to stand up to the incredible lameness of the "IN-COM-PLETE" cheer.

The brilliant Legwold says defense is the key to winning championships.


Hue Jackson is finally, officially the Crypt Keeper's new lapdog.

More on the Jackson hire from Jerry McDonald.

Naturally, Cam Inman says Jackson has little in the way of job security.

San Diego's TE coach Rob Chudzinski will head to Carolina to be their new OC.


The Ravens are expected to extend John Harbaugh's contract and keep OC Cam Cameron.

Former Browns OC Brian Daboll is taking the same gig in Miami.

Brett Favre has filed retirement papers again. That's gotta be it right? I mean, anyone else dumb enough to fall for his siren song?

Andrew Brandt on his BFF's pathetic departure.

Wes Bunting's notes from the East-West Shrine game.


Never read this before - Tom Brady says that he was sniffing ammonia prior to Sunday's game, and apparently it's pretty commonplace.

Mike Lombardi looks back at the weekend's games and says Aaron Rodgers may be the best QB in the league today.

Matt Bowen wonders if we've all been wrong about Mark Sanchez. FWIW, my friend Green & White's been right about him so far...

Greatriot fans are apparently in denial.

Dan Shaughnessy isn't doing (or writing) much better.

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