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Good Morning, Broncos fans! John Fox was formally introduced yesterday as Denver's head coach. Fox covered plenty of (shallow) ground during his presser, and he was unsurprisingly noncommittal on the futures of Champ Bailey and Tim Tebow and whether his Broncos would favor a 30- or 40-front on defense. He said zone-blocking "will definitely be a part of our offense," but like Josh McDaniels stressed before him, all teams use a blend of zone- and angle/power blocking in their offensive schemes. As Ted had written on Thursday, Fox said he likes to be involved in all facets of the game as a manager-type but will not call plays on defense; he leaves the playcalling on both sides to his coordinators.

During his presser, Fox said he will "most definitely" retain some of the Broncos' incumbent assistants, but as of now there's no word on who is staying. Fox said that OC Mike McCoy, who spent seven seasons working for Fox in Carolina, "is definitely in consideration," but that both McCoy and the Broncos "have options." McCoy is reportedly also in contention for the Browns' and Chiefs vacant coordinator positions, but there's no word on whom else the Broncos are pondering for OC. Legwold says Fox is pursuing Jim Mora to be his DC, while WR coach Adam Gase may switch over to working with the QBs - which of course signals an exit for Ben McDaniels. Plus, Eric Studesville will be back as the RB coach according to Legwold.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Fox is expected to bring several members of his staff to Denver, including assistant head coach Jim Skipper, ST coach Jeff Rodgers and LB coach Richard Smith. Fox is reportedly hoping to take Panthers OL coach Dave Magazu and WR coach Tyke Tolbert as well.

Now, before we get to the rest of the links, I'd like to attend to some very exciting business - as I mentioned last night, we have some great news of our own to pass along here at IAOFM. TJ, Emmett and I are especially proud to be joined by our good friend Ted Bartlett. As I'm sure you're all aware, Ted is an exceptional football analyst and writer (and a fellow Mets fan), and quite frankly his inclusion was part of the grand scheme here all along. We are confident that Ted's writing and teaching abilities, knowledge of coaches and players across the league, and understanding of football schemes and the college game will help take IAOFM to a new level. As always, thanks for being here and please help us welcome Ted aboard.

John Fox

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While he thinks Fox is a good choice for the Broncos, Mike Lombardi thinks the team's process in getting there was a joke - especially their choice of doing two-a-day interviews. He's puzzled by the reality TV tone of the week and that Brian Xanders is again left standing where others have fallen.

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ST coach Mike Priefer is likely headed to Minnesota, while Legwold says it's unlikely any defensive assistants will be retained.

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One notable bummer - if the Broncos had hired Steve Spagnuolo two years ago, they would have much neater sock drawers. Oh, well.

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A McDonald's assistant manager got canned for letting All Day Peterson use the can.


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