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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The Denver coaching search is becoming more puzzling and worrisome by the day. Only last week, John Elway said "Preferably we’d like to have some head coaching background in the NFL, but it’s not a must." So far, this has translated into two guys with 11 games of head-coaching experience between them (Perry Fewell, Eric Studesville) and two guys who've never been NFL head coaches (Rick Dennison, Mr. Dirk Koetter) interviewing, while two former real, actual head coaches decided not to interview (Mark Mike Mularkey, Gregg Williams). The other former head coach scheduled to interview (John Fox) has made two failed attempts to fly out of North Carolina due to a snowstorm. Yet somehow, his replacement in Carolina (Ron Rivera) was able to fly to Charlotte to accept his new gig. Maybe they're just hoarding airplanes in NC by allowing landings and no takeoffs?

If Fox really wants to get to Denver, or if the Broncos really want him to get there, wouldn't he be there already? Hopefully that's put to rest in a matter of hours, but we'll see. By the way - has anyone pointed out that Fox had but three winning seasons in nine years with the Panthers? His teams have ranked in the NFL's bottom half in offensive yardage six out of nine years, so if you're into three yards and a cloud of dust, he's your guy. To find six seasons in which the Broncos have done that, we have to go all the way back to 1984.

Why not talk to Philly coordinators Marty Mornhinweg and/or Sean McDermott? Andy Reid has coached the Eagles to the playoffs in nine of the last eleven years, and his coaching tree features John Harbaugh, Brad Childress, Steve Spagnuolo, Leslie Frazier and Ron Rivera. But no, not a peep regarding Mornhinweg or McDermott. In fact, Klis is saying the Broncos don't plan on adding any new candidates to their list. Sounds like we're down to Dennison and Fox, neither of whom has an interview lined up with any other teams...

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