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Good Morning, Broncos fans! It was a big day on the coaching carousel yesterday, with the most significant move being Oakland's firing of Huebris* Jackson. As Monte Poole details, it appears the Raiders will finally be operating the way most other sports franchises do: with a clear hierarchy, and with new GM Reggie McKenzie's handpicked coach able to hire/fire his own staff and even call plays without keeping one ear open for a call from Big Al.

But thankfully, a couple of Raiders trademarks will endure: firstly, their locational uncertainty continues, as owner Mark Davis says the team is considering either a move back to LA, shacking up with the Niners, or a new stadium in Oaktown. Secondly, it appears Davis has the potential to someday sport a look as caricature-like as his late father did: his hairdo appears to be an amalgam of those belonging to Lloyd Christmas and Ishmael.

More good news for Denver arrives from Jacksonville, where the Jaguars have hired Mark Mike Mularkey, meaning Mike McCoy is out of the running for that gig. Guess the Broncos are stuck with his terrible playcalling, huh?

Elsewhere, Chargers OC Clarence Shelmon is retiring, and the Jets have replaced Brian Schottenheimer with Tony Sparano (where else could he land but a few miles from the Bada Bing?).

* This one belongs to TJ


Thankfully, the League says Denver's game-winning TD was not derived from an illegal formation; FWIW, John Elway thinks James Harrison's hit on Eric Decker was clean.

Pittsburgh's mayor Tebowed in a Tebow jersey to settle his bet with Mayor Hancock; Steelers fans got a lovely sendoff on their way out of town.

Sam Monson calls the play which resulted in Daniel Fells' 40-yard reception "one of the most clever play designs I've seen all season." Obviously that wasn't drawn up by McCoy...

Judy Battista finds plenty of praise for Tim Tebow's throwing from a pair of ex-Gators OCs.

Over at Daily Dickpunch, The Bunk came to some realizations Sunday, while Vincent Casablancas explains how we got here.

In the four years PFF has been tracking this stuff, no cornerback has given up as many yards as Ike Taylor did Sunday.

Barry Petchesky wonders why it wasn't a big deal when Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Ryan and some dude named Aaron Rodgers each threw for 316 yards earlier in the year.

Matt Ufford at SBN explains how the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl via divine intervention.

Sir Charles dubbed Sunday's win a continuance of the national nightmare; an atheist group says Tebow's vocal piety is dividing the Denver fan base.

Those Taiwanese animators may have gone a tad too far in crucifying Tebow in their latest video, but the part with the NFL execs celebrating with cash money is brilliant.


Notes from Andrew Mason and Jeff Legwold: Elvis Dumervil, Brian Dawkins, Eric Decker, Daniel Fells and David Bruton all missed practice yesterday.

As Mason and Legwold detail, both the Broncos and Pats are not making much of Josh McDaniels' return to New England.

Mike Tanier explains how he expects the Patriots to defend against Tebow & Co; Matt Bowen breaks down the Swap Boot Denver used so effectively on Sunday and how the Pats must defend against it.

Dave Krieger says the Broncos have nothing to lose and should go all out on Saturday.

Lindsay Jones on the Patriots' recent playoff struggles; Jeff Legwold says to forget them.

Legwold says the Broncos had trouble with their nickel package against the Pats last time; Tom Kensler reminds us that Bill Belichick eats QBs for breakfast.

Video of John Fox and Tim Tebow speaking yesterday, plus Quinton Carter's appearance on NFLN; notes from Gray Caldwell and Max Henson.

Tim Tebow says he's been approached by Republican presidential candidates but he's declining to endorse any of them.

Tebow was the inspiration for Letterman's Top 10 last night.

Notes on the Pats: New England's full 53 practiced yesterday; Josh McDaniels was back in his familiar hoodie.

Michael Whitmer and Ian Rapoport on Tom Brady's playoff losing streak.


The Rams interviewed a couple of GM candidates, while Panthers OC Rob Chudzinski joins Jeff FIsher and Dennis Allen as a HC option for them; Eagles personnel man Ryan Grigson had a second interview with the Colts for their GM job; Jay Gruden will remain Cincy's OC next season.

No surprise here: Robert Griffin III will declare for the draft.

Jerry McDonald details the changes in Oakland, Mike Silver caught up with Hue Jackson after his firing, and Mike LombardiDon BanksTim Kawakami, Mark Purdy and Scott Ostler offer their reactions.

Don Banks and Eric Edholm preview the weekend's games.

Demaryius Thomas is Bill Barnwell's fabulous player from Sunday, while Willis McGahee is his flop.


John Parr re-recorded St. Elmo's Fire with Tebow lyrics, as if that's going to improve the song?

Peter KIng responds to emails about Josh McDaniels and the Broncos.

Stink has a new radio show.

Chris Brown analyzes the Smash Concept as utilized by Bama on Monday night; Sam DeWitt offers his fix for college football's disastrous method for crowning a champion.

KSK captionizes WC Weekend; Drew Magary's latest Funbag.

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