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Good Morning, Broncos fans! You know all that talk about the Broncos' ironclad secrecy under Josh McDaniels? The Belichick-like tightening of the lines of communication? If the past few days are any indication, the Broncos under John Elway will be overcompensating like a teenage girl who just discovered eyeliner. In a rather bizarre (and frankly unnerving) twist, the team posted a video of Perry Fewell (who speaks very well) riding to his interview from DIA, and then a mid-interview picture of Fewell and a pre-interview shot of Eric Studesville.

Transparency is great and all, as is the unprecedented access that Elway has provided with his new Twitter account. But while an NFL head-coaching gig is a very public job, and it's desirable of any candidate to be comfortable in the spotlight, there's just something uncomfortably voyeuristic about this new approach. What's next? Is Elway going to tell Peter King that Fewell had bad breath or that Studesville was mixing tenses?

Makes one again wonder why Mark Mike Mularkey snubbed the Broncos on their interview request, no? If you were a seasoned coaching candidate (ie. not a young hotshot), and a team said, "Come interview with us. One condition though - the second you get off the plane, the cameras will be rolling and you'll be on Bravo later that night," what would you say? It'll be interesting to see if John Fox gets the same treatment today...

The Real Head Coaches of Denver™

Eric Studesville speaking for the camera just before his interview.

John Fox will interview with Denver today. Elway will give us in-meeting updates via Twitter whenever he can slip out to "take a leak."

Rick Dennison and Mr. Dirk Koetter will interview tomorrow, while it is expected that Denver will seek permission to speak with Saints DC Gregg Williams.

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As Kent Babb of the KC Star had suggested the other day, Mike McCoy is indeed a candidate to run KC's offense following Charlie Weis' departure.

UPDATE 9:57AM ET - In his MMQB, Peter King tries to clarify his remarks from Saturday which caused an uproar in Broncosland and in Elway's Twitter account:

Attention all assorted Rocky Mountain conspiracy-theorists: I never said, or implied, that John Elway was thinking or looking to trade Tim Tebow. And there you go.


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Due to a clause in his last contract extension, all-world CB Nnamdi Asomugha is now a free agent, and the Raiders cannot tag him as a franchise player.

Gary Peterson says Asomugha would be a gigantic loss for Oakland. But Jerry McDonald says Asomugha was due to make too much cash anyway.


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