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Good Morning, Dear Readers - and Happy 2011 to you and yours! Thank you so much for being here - without your remarkable support, TJ, Emmett and I would just be three guys emailing each other about the Broncos from our moms' basements (in our underwear, of course). Granted, some visitors may view us as doing precisely that, but it is your loyalty that has given us the confidence everyday to write about our favorite team, and hopefully to improve continually. Thank you for sharing your opinions, for challenging us, and for your suggestions. IAOFM is growing faster than we had ever envisioned, and that is undoubtedly a result of your endorsements.

We resolve in 2011 to bring you the finest and most thorough Broncos analysis and commentary around, and we resolve to do so while making you think, smile and laugh in the process. Sadly, our offseason arrives tomorrow evening (although in some senses it began the day Josh McDaniels was fired), and there will be plenty to ponder: a new head coach with new schemes, a new CBA (hopefully), and of course the 2011 NFL Draft. We have several exciting ideas to help enrich the IAOFM experience, and we look forward to sharing them with you. Again - thank you for your readership, and may the new year bring you great health, happiness and fortune.


Chris Hall and Broncos TV preview tomorrow's game.

Tim Tebow was named the Rookie of the Week for Sunday's performance. Plus, Jamie Dukes and Rod Woodson consider his future in Denver.

Here's Eric Studesville's Friday presser.

Denver has listed three players as probable in its final injury report, while eight players are questionable. Only Champ Bailey did not practice yesterday, and his status is expected to be determined today.

As he prepares for what may be his final game as a Bronco (if he even plays), Champ is still pissed about losing the 2005 AFC title game. It was all lined up so perfectly...

Mason's notes on the Broncos, including how the coaching staff has handled their expanded responsibilities.

LJ's notes - the Broncos reached a termination settlement with Josh McDaniels, whatever that means. Perhaps he doesn't get his dough if he tells the world how much of a clown Joe Ellis is (Worry not Josh - we are already well aware).

More confusing details on Kyle Orton's contract, this time from LJ.

Legwold on the players' support for Studesville. Surely, Liz Smith Woody Paige will have some dirt on the guy in a week or two.


It's a new year, but we still get the same garbage from Legwold. Apparently the Broncos won last week because of Studesville's sunny disposition and lighter practices than those which Josh McDaniels had run.


Acee says the Dolts were done in this year by crappy teams.

Tomorrow could be all she wrote for Darren Sproles as a Dolt.

Mike Tolbert and Stephen were placed on IR.

Charlie Weis loves working for Handshake Haley so much that he may head back to school. Plus, Haley didn't even know about it...

Dexter McCluster has been a disappointment after a stunning debut for the Chefs.

Notes on the Chefs, who are inducting Marty to their HOF.

Tafur on the success of Jokeland's 2010 draft class.

Corkran's notes on Jokeland.


As expected, the Panthers have announced that John Fox and his staff will not return in 2011.

Matt Bowen wonders if Wade Phillips can help Kubes turn the Texans around.

Brian Burke looks back at his own 2010 and his site's best columns of the year.

Andrew Brandt goes over the NFL's biggest business stories from 2010 - Part 1 here, Part 2 here.

Notable NFL passings from 2010.

Mike Silver previews Week 17.

Bill Simmons is taking the Broncos and the points (3.5) among his weekly picks.

Tanier is also going with Denver.

CHFF says Dolts by 10.

The week's best quotes according to FO, of course including Mr. B Lloyd.

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