The Daily Lard 6-10-12

Good Morning, Broncos fans! Brandon Stokley tells Lindsay Jones he was "95 percent retired" until a workout at Duke with Peyton Manning showed he hadn't lost any speed and was able to run without pain, despite having stopped his rehab from a quad injury suffered last season.

The Slot Machine has expectedly been serving as an interpreter of sorts, helping his fellow wide receivers understand Manning's body language and expressions.

Having made Denver his family's home ever since his first stint with the team, Stokes says the Broncos were the only team for whom he considered extending his 13-year career.


Mark Kiszla thinks D.J. Williams should take a cue from Maria Sharapova's noted disinterest in social media.

Woody Paige says we should all take the concussions issue more seriously, and he says skepticism aimed at players suing the league is unwarranted.

As part of a week dedicated by the team to community service, Jeremy Beal is one of a few players helping Habitat for Humanity build some homes for those in need.

A few ex-Broncos stars signed autographs yesterday up in Billings, Montana.


Mike Freeman says the league's Safe Rides program to prevent drunk driving was quietly taken over by the NFLPA a few years ago, but has since been dismantled. Freeman believes the NFL will start punishing teams with multiple DUI offenses.

The ridiculous attempt by Niners coach Jim Harbaugh to downplay his team's pursuit of Peyton Manning has apparently become a running joke around the league.

Chad Johnson will work out for the Dolphins this week. Reports out of New England say Chad worked hard, didn't complain, and was a good teammate with the Patriots, but he just wasn't a schematic fit because he'd never before been asked to run option routes.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei says the rookie success of Cam Newton and Andy Dalton has changed minds about rookie QBs, and he's hearing that Michael Vick and Chris Johnson are hard at work this offseason.


A gay former college and arena football player spoke to the Times about keeping his sexual orientation private during his time in the sport.

Doug Farrar is puzzled by the league's potential willingness to go with replacement officials while supposedly trying to improve the game's safety.

The original Fat Man thinks Darren McFadden is the key to Oakland's fortunes this season.

Former Colts and Lions defensive lineman Quinn Pitcock has overcome a serious addiction to video games and is back in the game, over in the Arena Football League.

So, boxing still sucks. But at least the hateful bigot is the one who lost, and to a guy who broke one foot and sprained the other in the process.

Right now over on NBC, Rafael Nadal (seventh French Open title) and Novak Djokovic (holding all four major trophies at once) are battling for tennis immortality.

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