The Broncos’ most exploitable weakness

Whatifsports is doing the simulation season projections for Fox Sports. Since many athletes aren’t Republicans, Fox is unable to do the projections themselves. Whatifsports has some interesting things to say about the Broncos:

"Most Exploitable Weakness: Lack of a star - Simulations like these take human bias out of the argument, but what is going on here can be explained in a very human way. With the possible exception of Champ Bailey, there are no stars on this team. There is not really anything to get people excited. In the sim, that translates into the fact that no player puts the team over the top. Yes, it is balanced and lacks an obvious weakness, but Denver is balanced in a very average way across the board."
I'm not sure that lacking an obvious weakness is a weakness, but not to quibbIe about that. I guess they didn’t get the memo that Denver has Jay Cutler? That perhaps DJ Williams is a Pro Bowler waiting to happen, and the wait may be over with the move back to his preferred Will. Champ, sure – but how about Doom? Marshall isn’t a star? Thankfully, Marshall doesn’t buy that argument at all. Come to think of it, neither does SY.

I've never seen an offseason that had people more excited than this one.

When you say that a sim takes the  ‘human bias’ out of the argument, don't you forget that sims can only put out what you put in? What about player development? Motivation? Getting healthy? Chemistry? Sorry. We don’t have algorithms for those. Which is why, year in and year out, some teams rise and some fall – all without consulting the sims.

Who of the Broncos will be your favourite star over the next three years?

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