The best-timed bye since there have been byes

So, it's been a rough few days.  The taste of Monday Night is still strong with me, and still disgusting, and I think we all learned some lessons that night.  I think it is important to take away the right ones, though, so that will be the purpose of this post, to discuss what I think those lessons are.

1.  Our offense is one of the best in the League, but has been turning the ball over way too much lately.  The fundamental indicators are there which show the quality of this offense.  Our offense almost never goes 3 and out, which is the best way to tell how an offense functions.  The turnovers must stop, though.

2.  The benefit we enjoyed from relatively good roster-wide health over the first 5 weeks of the season can't be counted on anymore.  Tony Scheffler and Brandon Stokley have been missed in a huge way over the last 2 weeks, and the game Monday really got out of hand once Champ got hurt.

3.  Our defense is flat-out undertalented, and needs a large boost in that area this coming offseason.  There is no need, however, to change coaches.  Bob Slowik is not to blame, and is doing the best he can with what he has.  You can't make chicken salad out of chicken feathers, but he is trying.  The best thing this team can do is stick with Slowik, and let him conceive of a defensive framework, and program plan, for the years to come.  As much as stability has helped the offense, the lack thereof has correspondingly hurt the defense.

4.  I, and others here, have been too optimistic.  That said, the world has not ended.  We got routed in a game on national TV, but it was a case of a game just getting away from us.  To me, if a lot of stuff is going to go wrong, it might as well all be in one game.  The events of that game, though, in and of themselves, have no bearing on future events.

We still have a 4-3 team, which is in first place.  Let's not lose sight of that, even if it is clear that this thing will be more of a struggle than we thought a couple weeks ago.  Coming out of this bye, maybe some stuff gets figured out, and our team plays better for a couple weeks, in a couple of winnable games against Miami, and at Cleveland.  That's something we can be optimistic about. 

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