The 30 front

I thought the use of the 30 front last week was garbage, and the Broncos got away from it quickly.  Today, however, it worked very well, and they used it a lot.  On the one hand the Broncos have the wrong kind of personnel for a 3-4 look.  The linebackers and Elvis Dumervil are smaller than you'd like for it, and Dewayne Robertson is not really a NT, which is why we got him for a bag of footballs from the Jets.  On the other hand, it's undoubtedly easier to find 4 good LBs on the Broncos than it is to find 4 good D-Linemen.

For one thing, Dumervil seems to be back.  He dominated Jeremy Trueblood today.  The LBs and Safeties also tackled much better today.  The soundness of the defense and the patience of the offense combined to win today.  I'm very pleased with what I saw.

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