Texans extend J.J. Watt through 2021

Houston has extended defensive end J.J. Watt through the 2021 season.

Initial reports say it's worth $100M over six seasons, with $51.8M in guarantees.

That would make it a very similar contract to the one Buffalo gave Mario Williams, when they signed him away from Houston.

As usual, the actual guarantees are probably about half of that figure; we'll all find out soon enough.

Watt's deal figures to be a pretty good guideline for what Von Miller can expect from Denver.

Yes, Watt has been the better player, and doesn't have the specter of a one-year suspension hanging over his head for a single misstep.

But keep in mind that suspended players don't get paid.

So whenever the Broncos sign Von, for whatever they say they're going to pay him, he'll only get that if he's on the roster.

One thing we do know, from how Denver has (wisely) structured its deals in recent years, is that Miller won't be getting much of a signing bonus.

More to come, though, once we see details of Watt's deal.

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