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Good Morning, Broncos fans! We already noted yesterday that San Diego's head PR guy had waved his finger at naysaying Chargers fans, but Bill Johnston's words are so ridiculous that we must post a selection of them here:

Listening to some of you out there, you’d think Monday night was “win or go home” and the Chargers are now packing their bags.

Sometimes I think Twitter was invented to give people a chance to puff out their chests and talk big, saying things they never would say to someone’s face.

And talk radio … don’t get me started. The old adage your mom used to preach – “If you don’t have anything good say, don’t say anything” – seems to have evolved to “if you don’t have anything good to say, call sports talk radio.”

Time to take a chill pill.

If you want these players and coaches to succeed, then support them.  Don’t tear them down.  What you want and what we all want, including your team, is to know people believe in them. 

And to think, Bolts fans haven't even resorted to billboards and airplane-flown banners. Yet.

Perhaps Johnston can dial up his buddy Jim Saccomano for some advice in how to better handle criticism. Or not.


Opponents have been blitzing Peyton Manning at a higher clip as a Bronco than his most recent years with Indy. To that end, would anyone be surprised to learn that Manny Ramirez is among the linemen who have allowed the most sacks in the league so far this season? Didn't think so.

Mark Kiszla thinks a key for Denver will be how much of an influence Champ Bailey is on his young secondary mates.

Not only is Peyton in Knoxville to help honor his old coach Phil Fulmer, but a street on UT's campus named Peyton Manning Pass was redesigned and rededicated.

BTV highlights from the first six games of the season; the team won the GMC Never Say Never award for their comeback in San Diego.

Lindsay Jones bids the Denver Post adieu; we again wish her all the best at USA Today, and we'll of course be linking to her work there.


Paul Tagliabue will be hearing the bounty suspension appeals rather than his successor, which of course does nothing to make the NFL appear as if it's going to handle this thing objectively.

A former Steelers team doctor has been indicted on charges that he conspired to illegally distribute steroids, HGH, and painkillers. For now, the team is not implicated, but that's coming next, don't you think?

The NFL fined Buffalo and Washington $20K each for the way they reported injuries to RG3 and Mario Williams, and is investigating the absence of Ed Reed from Baltimore's injury reports after he admitted to having played with a torn shoulder labrum.

Browns LG Jason Pinkston has been hospitalized due to a blood clot; San Diego reportedly kicked the tires on former Bears lineman Chris Williams yesterday.


Quotes of the week as curated by Rivers McCown, plus trivia of the day from Chase Stuart.

Clark Judge and John Clayton preview the week's games; Bill Simmons is finally ready to call out the Ginger Hammer and his fellow commissioners as a bunch of hypocrites, and he makes his picks for the week.

Bucky Brooks says RG3 is already playing at an MVP level, and he lauds the handling of the rookie QB by Mini Shanny.

Here's a fascinating and insightful profile of Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, who has made a name for himself by his outspokenness and support for gay marriage rights.

New England's running backs have decided to display their unity by wearing onesies.

The Plain Dealer has named Earnest "The Fumble" Byner the 65th-greatest player in Browns history.


Tim Tebow has trademarked Tebowing, but of course, he says he's not planning to profit off of it.

The NFL's breast cancer awareness program has helped save the life of at least one football fan.

A high-school kicker in Washington made a 67-yard field goal at the gun to tie a game his team would subsequently win in overtime:

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