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Good Morning, Broncos fans! The class-action lawsuit by 4,200+ former players against the NFL over its handling of head injuries is taking center stage this week.

On Tuesday, the league's lawyers will attempt to have the suit dismissed (via PFT) in the Philadelphia courtroom of U.S. District Judge Anita Brody. If the NFL is successful in convincing Judge Brody that this is a labor dispute, then the case would never be presented to a jury, instead moving to arbitration.

From the ex-players' perspective, this is an issue of fraud and misinformation, rather than a contractual issue.

In advance of Tuesday's hearing, the league is expectedly using the media to try to discredit the plaintiffs, by going back to its familiar tactic of attacking CTE experts.


Peyton and Ashley Manning will donate $500K to the Pat Summit Foundation to aid in the fight against Alzheimer's disease.

Because Broncos news is about as sparse as it gets right now, here's some PR fluffery regarding Manning's latest Buick commercial.

Some unnamed former Broncos teamed up to help raise funds in South Dakota for disabled campers.


Brendon Ayanbadejo says one gay NFL player says he'd prefer to come out along with other players, but it may not be as imminent as his prior comments had suggested.

A stubborn infection in his surgically repaired forearm reportedly could jeopardize the start of Pats TE Rob Gronkowski's season.

Seattle is expected to host Vikings CB Antoine Winfield.

Blake Williams, son of Gregg, was unable to find an NFL gig after being fired from his LB coach spot by the Rams in January, and he now finds himself working all the way down in Division II.

The sons of HOFers Joe Montana and Cris Carter, who were not invited to the national combine, will participate in Super Regional pre-draft workouts today and tomorrow.

Ravens QB Joe Flacco will portray HOFer Johnny Unitas in an upcoming film about his life.


A day after writing about how much this year's QB prospects suck, Jason Cole says the current rookie pay structure could nudge teams to take some passers higher than they grade out.

Doug Farrar evaluates Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson and Stanford TE Zach Ertz.

Sam Farmer has Denver taking Ohio State DT Johnathan Hankins at #28 in his mock draft.


Chase Stuart offers his thoughts on the AFC, with the Broncos sitting as the favorites, but with New England not far behind them.

As Sam Mellinger tells it, Chiefs GM John Dorsey is the polar opposite of Scott Pioli, meaning he doesn't talk trash about his predecessor, isn't firing people left and right, and doesn't spend his time talking about his old organization. Meanwhile, head coach Andy Reid and OC Doug Pederson plan to make better use of Dexter McCluster than did the two prior coaching staffs he played under.

In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei discusses the rebuilding process in Jacksonville, lists his top remaining free agents by position (Brady Quinn?!), and says he can't find someone to agree with the criticisms of WVU QB Geno Smith found in Nolan Nawrocki's hit piece.

Andy Benoit examines the Ravens roster; Khaled Elsayed revisits the 2008-10 drafts of the Packers and Texans.


Times film critic offers an appreciation for the late Roger Ebert.

Typical of the NCAA and its member schools, plenty of the leadership at Rutgers knew about Mike Rice's abusive practices long before his firing, and acted more out of an interest to protect the school from litigation, than to harbor their students from an abusive coach.

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