Sun-Sentinel: Broncos pursuing Reggie Bush

Via Omar Kelly:

Reggie Bush is competing with a few free agent tailbacks. But he'll pick between Denver, Arizona and Detroit. I hear Denver is the leader...The tailback market is also like a stack of dominoes. Steven Jackson, Bradshaw, Michael Turner, Mendenhall, Green, all impact Reggie Bush. But I'm told Reggie Bush is trying to get with a pass first team so that he can be utilized ideally, playing to his strengths.

This one seems a bit hard to believe. Bush is no bigger than any of Denver's current backs, and for much of his career, he hasn't been any more durable than them, either.

Ronnie Hillman, who was the youngest player in the league last season, is a shorter, younger, and cheaper version of Bush, and only figures to become a more complete player with time.

Denver is set at returner with Trindon Holliday, so Bush's skills there present no added value to Denver.

There's just too much overlap here, and the temporary Heisman winner has been widely expected to land a big contract from Detroit or Arizona.


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