Still here Lard 5-22-11

Good Morning, Broncos fans! There was indeed an earthquake last night in the Bay Area, but it only registered as a 3.6 and caused no major damage. So, we're all still here and what better time to give thanks than the day after the scheduled end of the world? Thanks friends, for being here each and every day and supporting our writing at IAOFM. We appreciate you, especially so after having escaped the end of the world.


In his Sunday column, Dan Pompei focuses in on John Elway and his unconventional move from being out of football entirely to running the Broncos overnight. Interestingly, Elway has continued to lean on the advice of former GM Ernie Accorsi this offseason; Accorsi is the man who was forced to trade Elway to Denver when the former was in charge of the Colts' front office.

Accorsi told Pompei that he sees some similarities between Elway and Ozzie Newsome, who is today's best example of a successful player-turned-team executive, even if Newsome followed a more typical path of starting out as a scout. Accorsi praises Elway for his humility and work ethic and says Elway is driven to succeed. Plus, Elway interestingly points out that Kyle Orton hasn't won a lot of games since he's come to Denver, and again says that all three QBs will have a shot at the starting job this year.

Stefen Wisniewski expects to be the Raiders' starting center this season.

Matt Cassel is becoming more of a leader.


There may be a lockout, but the owners will begin their annual spring meeting tomorrow in Indy.

DeSean Jackson continued his commendable work to decrease bullying with a visit to an Oakland high school on Thursday.

The Lions have also said no to HBO, while Bob Raissman would like to see an encore performance from the Jets.

Mike Freeman is bewildered by Peyton Manning's silence throughout the lockout despite being named along with Drew Brees and Tom Brady in the players' lawsuit.

Dan Parr considers the possibility that Tampa Bay will pursue Nnamdi Asomugha.

Mike Lombardi is speculating that Kevin Kolb could end up in Cleveland.

PFW's post-draft report on the Texans.

Khaled Elsayed explains why he ranked Bills DT Kyle Williams among the best players in the NFL.

John Clayton argues for starting free agency now and responds to emails. Plus, some post-lockout deals he'd like to see.

One-liners via PFT.

Wes Bunting looks at next year's LB prospects.


More Macho Man memories.

Chris Kaman of the Clippers went out to buy some more guns the other day in preparation for the Rapture.

More proof that John Elway is unique for having gone out on top: Roy Jones Jr. getting pummelled in Russia.

The Worldwide Leader screwed up and made the excellent Doris Burke look like a fool yesterday.

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