Still another negative headline for Von Miller

What is it - Groundhog Day in Von Miller's world? Another day brings another report of Denver's All-Pro linebacker facing arrest over a moving violation.

Frankly, it's getting hard to keep track of them all, which is probably his sentiment as well.

The latest is that Von reportedly has a warrant out for his arrest in California, over a failure to appear in court for a 2012 speeding ticket.

FWIW, Miller's attorney claims there is no warrant, while his agent says the speeding ticket has already been paid, and the issue will be resolved today.

Prior to this news, John Fox had the following to say about the traffic citations we all learned about earlier yesterday:

Obviously we're not happy about it. Everybody here has an individual responsibility, not only to themselves, but to this organization, to this football team, so it's something we're not pleased about. We'll leave it at that.

These are strong words from Fox, who is pretty much the last of the NFL's 32 head coaches we'd expect to upbraid one of his players publicly.

That's not to say Fox is a so-called players' coach. Rather, he's a guy who treats his players like adults.

But it's become rather apparent that the 24-year-old superstar is not deserving of such benefit, and this quote from Fox is the first evidence that his patience is starting to thin.

To that end, Mark Kiszla hears the organization is "increasingly frustrated" with their youngster.

Ultimately, though, it's not like the team is going to get rid of Von over a bunch of traffic violations (or even a drug policy violation). And the fans will, of course, be quick to forgive Von once he's back on the field and wreaking havoc in opposing backfields.

There is another undeniable truth here: it's time for Von Miller to grow up.

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