Dumb, but fun “stat” of the day

In Peter King's weekly shameless SNF promotion, he notes that Denver has 26 pass plays of 20+ yards so far this season, second only to their upcoming opponents, the Saints.

We have the word stat in quote marks because really, this amounts to trivia (why 20-yard plays, and not 19-yard plays?). 20 yards is a totally arbitrary threshold for a play to become labeled as explosive, and it's not the sort of figure you can correlate to winning or losing. More appropriate would be to just measure yards per attempt, and then figure in the effect of touchdowns, interceptions, and sacks - as we did last week.

Just figured that some folks might like to know how this number compares to that of the 2011 Broncos.

Again, the 2012 Broncos have had 26 passes that netted at least 20 yards (4.33 per game).

In 16 games, those 2011 Broncos had 36 pass plays go for 20 or more yards (2.25 per game).

To be fair, Denver is, of course, throwing the ball a whole lot more this season. As a rate, 20+ yard pass plays have occurred on 10.9% of dropbacks this season, versus 7.6% in 2011.

In those terms, it's not as vast a difference as the per-game numbers would suggest.

And it's still a dumb, arbitrary stat.

Yet, TYJE.

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