Some perspective on just how much Denver is scoring

  • The Broncos have scored 179 points through four games, or 44.75 per game
  • Their per game scoring outputs have been 49, 41, 37, and 52
  • In 2012, Denver's highest score was 38 points in Week 17 against KC, trailed by their 37-point outburst against Oakland in Week 4
  • They didn't score their 179th point last season until the second quarter of their seventh game (at New Orleans)
  • They didn't score their 179th point of 2011 until the second quarter of their ninth game
  • 179 points is more than any three of these four teams have scored so far this season: Jaguars (31), Bucs (44), Giants (61), Browns (64)
  • Denver has scored 23 touchdowns
  • It also took until the second quarter of that New Orleans game for them to reach 23 touchdowns last year
  • The 2011 Broncos scored only 36 total touchdowns; 11 of those 2011 touchdowns came during Kyle Orton's 4.5 games at QB; of course, that means the other 25 took 11.5 games to score with Tim Tebow at QB
  • In their first 53 seasons of existence, Denver reached the 40-point threshold 31 times; they've done so three times already in 2013
  • Peyton Manning's 16 touchdown passes are as many as the Jaguars (1), Bucs (3), Jets, Cardinals, and Raiders (4 each) have combined to throw all season (the Dolphins and Vikings also have 4 touchdown passes each)
  • Peyton's 16 touchdown passes are also more than any team has scored this season (via any method)
  • Manning's next touchdown pass will match Tebow's output in 14 regular season starts with Denver
  • Denver's points differential currently stands at +88
  • Only 12 Broncos teams have ever had a larger points differential than that
  • They're on pace to outscore their opponents by 352 points
  • The franchise record for points differential is +192, set by the 1998 team and matched in 2012
  • Only 19 Denver teams have scored more than 352 points

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