Snyder secretly considering one-year name change to Washington John Rockers

Ashburn, Virginia -- IAOFM has recently learned that Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder is considering a name change for the team.    

Although a source close to sources of other sources close to a possible affiliate of Snyder aren't saying what that name change is going to be, these sources indicate that Snyder is leaning towards renaming the team The Washington John Rockers after the controversial former major league pitcher.  But the name change would only last one season.

"Dan needs to deflect some heat for a little while," the source told IAOFM's Baxter McLove.  "And he's thinking John Rocker can do that.  After all, everyone hates John Rocker."

Rocker, who ripped foreigners, Asian drivers, gays, and a black teammate in a famous Sports Illustrated interview in 1999, more recently wrote in his 2011 book Scars and Strikes, "An attempt to place neat tidy labels on people with one-word definitions would not only be absurd, it would be ignorant."

"Rocker is still looney tunes after all these years," said the source.  "Dan thinks the name change would allow everyone to really let off some steam.  Especially in New York."

Recently, Snyder has come under intense scrutiny for rebuffing calls to consider what some believe to be a racist and offensive name.  It now appears Snyder is reconsidering.

The source told McLove that Snyder has secretly met with his own ego to consider other possible name changes to redirect criticism from the name Redskins, including The Washington Biebers, The Washington Kardashians, The Washington Angry White Men, The Washington Crackers and Mayonnaise, and interestingly enough, The Washington Dan Snyders.  

"That's Dan for you," said the source.  "He's so arrogant, he good with hating himself for a year."

Baxter McLove is a product of superior facial hair.

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