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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Here we are, bye week Sunday.

While it's always great for the players to rest up in both a physical and mental sense, it sure does make for an empty-ish football feeling for us fans, right?

Granted, there are some great matchups we'll be watching - namely Houston/Baltimore and Washington/G-Men.

How will you spend your second straight Sunday off from Broncos football?

Whatever you do, enjoy it, and as always, thanks for reading.


In Q&A sessions, Jacob Tamme says he became a TE during his sophomore season at Kentucky, while Rahim Moore feels his play is progressing each week, and says he's seen positive results from all the film work he's put in.

As reiterated by Arnie Stapleton, Denver's oldest additions have all had significant impacts on the team.

From watching highlights and Monday's game, Reggie Wayne says he sees the same old Peyton Manning.

Mike Klis is sticking with the notion that Denver cannot and will not sweep their next three games (vs. New Orleans, at Cincy and Carolina). Personally, I doubt they will, but it's odd to call it a foregone conclusion that they won't.

Woody Paige predicts the Broncos will reel off seven straight post-bye wins, finish 12-4, and beat the Patriots in the AFC title game, and the Giants in the Super Bowl.

Mark Kiszla doesn't understand why Dan Reeves isn't in the Broncos' Ring of Fame, but no Denver coach is - the only non-player is former owner Gerald Phipps. That's not to say Reeves doesn't belong there, but to point out that Red Miller and Mike Shanahan would also deserve the honor. Oh, and one of his readers considers Teebs to be the greatest Bronco ever.


Chase Stuart isn't sure whether Dennis Allen should have gone for it or had Sebastian Janikowski attempt a 58-yarder in Atlanta, but he's certain that he shouldn't have punted, which is what he did.

Raiders owner Mark Davis says the team is unwilling to renovate the Oakland Coliseum because it's a multipurpose stadium with crappy sightlines for football.

Nick Canepa goes the but he's a great guy route to try to defend Chargers PR flack Bill Johnston for his thin-skinned message to San Diego fans.


Baltimore activated LB Terrell Suggs from their PUP list just six months after he tore his Achilles (incredible), and they waived 2010 second-rounder Sergio Kindle to open a roster space for him. Whether Suggs will play is considered a game-time decision.

New Orleans activated LB Jonathan Vilma, and he will play today against Tampa Bay.

Ben Roethlisberger is still not getting along with Handshake Haley, whose offense he calls "dink and dunk."


Brian McIntyre goes over the notable injury situations heading into today's games; Doug Farrar and Greg Cosell (podcast), Pat Kirwan, and Matt Bowen preview the day's matchups.

Dan Pompei includes Peyton Manning and Willis McGahee among the best old guys in the league, while Joel Corry considers the nightmare we'd all be living had Manning not chosen Denver (shudder to think). TYJE.

Mike Klis says J.J. Watt is clearly the league's MVP through six weeks, but WPA and EPA both show several quarterbacks to be more valuable than Watt thus far.

Jeff Legwold checks in on Boulder native Chuck Pagano, whose battle against leukemia includes a grueling regimen of treatments.


Farrar suggests that perhaps Tim Tebow's marketing arm is better than his throwing arm, and wonders if Teebs will be collecting royalties at places of worship. Meanwhile, Timmy's legion of fans have a collective sad face regarding his lack of playing time.

Brandon Marshall thinks the media portrays Catler as a dick in order to sell papers, as if that would really work. No, Brandon - they portray him as a dick, because he is one. DOOOOONNNNTTTTT CAAAARRRREEEEE.

Did you know that Skip Bayless actually puts serious prep time into his awful, logic-free arguments? Obviously, one has to respect his work ethic, but wouldn't you rather think he was just winging it?

A Kentucky kid who had been his high school's mascot, and not played football since he was ten years old, made his way onto the football team with the season already having started. On its own, that's pretty cool, but even better, he just led them to their first city win in five years with two fourth-quarter touchdowns against a school they'd lost to eleven straight times.

How will you spend your Broncos bye week Sunday?

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