Should Denver try to trade for Jordan Gross?

The NFL's trade deadline is still 4.5 weeks away (4pm ET on Tue, Oct 29), and no team (except for the Browns) is ready to cut bait on 2013.

Of course, trades can occur anytime between now and then, and Robert Mays has a few ideas, including one that would have Denver send a fifth-round pick to Carolina in exchange for left tackle Jordan Gross:

Why the Broncos should pick up the phone: With Ryan Clady done for the year, Denver’s only real weakness appears to be at left tackle. Replacement Chris Clark played very well against Lamarr Houston on Monday night, but Gross is a proven commodity. Denver has the inside track to the Super Bowl right now, and bringing in a proven left tackle as a one-year rental would be a perfect way to keep it. You can replace “Denver” with “Seattle” in that last sentence, and the point stands

I'd give up a fifth-rounder for Gross, no question about it.

That's the kind of trade where the acquiring team does get good value for a draft pick; I did an article about this last year.

Here are a few reasons why a deal would make sense:

  1. For a team like the Broncos, the roster can be so stacked that fifth-rounders get stashed on IR (Quanterus Smith) or sent to the practice squad (Tavarres King).  
  2. Gross has played for John Fox and Dave Magazu, and he's from the mountain west. It seems like he enjoys the familiarity of Charlotte, but Denver would probably be the second-most familiar place he could go in the NFL.
  3. Finally, a good left tackle is scheme-indifferent, so the risk that Mays mentioned isn't there. He just has to go out and block his guy.

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