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I think there are a lot of reasons to be excited about the Broncos future, both near-term and long-term.  Following are a starting 11 of them, to provide some positive thinking in the wake of the Marshall suspension.

1. We have the best young QB in the NFL, and even Broncos haters in the MSM have to grudgingly admit that he’s the real deal.

2. Suspended or not, Brandon Marshall is about to assert himself as the best WR in all of the NFL.  Veterans like Darrell Jackson, Keary Colbert, and Brandon Stokley make this a deep and talented group, potentially the best we’ve ever had.

3. We have a lot of talent at RB, if not a clear starter.  Selvin Young, Ryan Torain, Andre Hall, Anthony Alridge, Michael Pittman, Cecil Sapp, and Peyton Hillis are a very nice group, and bring a lot of diverse talents to the table.

4. Ryan Clady, by all accounts, has been tremendous from Day 1, and has even exceeded Mike Shanahan’s expectations.  Even when he makes an increasingly rare mistake, his natural ability has allowed him to recover.  Along with guys like Ryan Harris and Chris Kuper, there’s a lot of reason to feel good about our young O-line going forward.

5. We flat-out stole Dewayne Robertson from the Jets.  He has only been a disappointment in the context of his draft slot.  He has been active, durable, and effective throughout his career, even while trying to play NT, despite being a natural 3-technique.  This situation is analogous to the acquisition of Gerard Warren a few years ago, but Robertson is a much higher-motor guy than Big Money was.

6. On the subject of DTs, Marcus Thomas is the best athlete in the NFL at that position, and one of the 5-10 best at any position.  Men who weigh 320 pounds aren’t supposed to be able to do standing backflips.  Expect Marcus to start to dominate this year, owing to a year of experience, and improved conditioning.

7. It took 25 years, but it appears we found a dynamic return man in Eddie Royal.  The only thing that can prevent him from being special in the return game is reluctance by the coaches to use him there, because they want to save him for duty on offense.

8. Elvis Dumervil is a top-5 pass rusher in the NFL, and Jarvis Moss can eventually be one too, once he figures out how to apply his explosive talent.  Tim Crowder is a nice 3-down DE, who can also get after a QB better than most left-side guys.  John Engelberger and Ebenezer Ekuban are solid veterans.

9. DJ Williams is back on the weakside, and can flow to the ball and make plays.  He had trouble taking on blocks at MLB, and will be able to stay much cleaner outside.

10. Our situation at CB is outstanding.  Champ Bailey is the best in the NFL, Dre Bly is still very good himself, and Domonique Foxworth has had a great camp.  Karl Paymah really improved last season, and proved he can play, and Jack Williams has been good in camp as well.  That’s a terrific 5.

11. At safety, we have promising up-and-comers like Hamza Abdullah and Josh Barrett to mix with solid veterans like Marlon McCree and Marquand Manuel.

Anybody got any other good reasons to feel good?  Let's channel our inner Norman Peales, and remember The Power of Positive Thinking.

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