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Good Morning, Broncos fans! Now that Aaron Hernandez has been arraigned on a first-degree murder charge, the focus turns to the two men who were with Hernandez on the night of Odin Lloyd's killing, and of course, to the evidence and forthcoming trial.

To that end, a man is in custody in Connecticut in connection with the case, and is being held on $1.5M bail.

Currently lacking the murder weapon, it appears a chewed up piece of cotton-candy-flavored bubble gum will play a key role in the state's case against Hernandez.

Lester Munson sees an apparently strong case for the prosecution, while Michael McCann expects the defense will attempt to disclaim all of the key evidence and call to question the motives of anyone testifying against Hernandez. Plenty more coverage of the case can be found via the Boston Herald.

Mike Freeman expects Roger Goodell to drop the hammer on Hernandez in a matter of weeks, and he says the Pats' decision to dump their tight end owes largely to the work of the league's and their own security teams.

On the football side, Neil Hornsby considers the likely significant statistical impact of Hernandez's absence for New England, especially as relates to drawing sub-package personnel from opponents.

Pat Kirwan again says the Pats should consider adding Dallas Clark, and he wonders if the Broncos will end up making Virgil Green available via trade. Meanwhile, in typical NFL fashion, the league's site has wiped Hernandez's career stats from his profile.


2011 seventh-rounder Jeremy Beal says the knee injury which cost him his 2012 season was fully healed earlier this year, and credits his time on IR for helping increase his football IQ.

Andrew Mason previews the team's Week 5 trip to Dallas.

Sly Williams, Montee Ball, and Tavarres King each shared photos from their visit to the HOF yesterday.

This column has been written several times over, including right here at IAOFM, but Stuart Zaas discusses the shrinking role of the middle linebacker in today's NFL and with these Broncos.

There's nothing new in Lindy's summary of the Broncos roster, but it's surprisingly well written for this sort of thing.

Janet Elway's annual fundraiser will help send ~300 underprivileged kids to day camp, and the Mannings will match whatever was raised at the event.


Perrish Cox has settled a civil lawsuit with the woman who accused him of rape after Cox impregnated her.

Jacksonville has officially listed rookie fifth-rounder Denard Robinson's position as Offensive Weapon, which is pretty awesome.

The striking down of DOMA led non-bigot Donte' Stallworth to celebrate on Twitter. Naturally, this prompted angry tweets from slews of bigots whose lives are apparently irrevocably ruined by others' rights to wed.


Bucky Brooks kicks off a series of columns about players he thinks could make big leaps forward in 2013, starting with quarterbacks Brandon Weeden, Ryan Tannehill, Christian Ponder, and Jake Locker. paid some moron to write that Peyton Manning is one of the most overrated Colts of all time. Obviously, Manning fan Scott Kacsmar has a bone or twenty to pick with this.

Joel Corry includes BFFs Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers among his list of players facing perceived career crossroads this season.

Fearing that it will be chock-full of recycled bullshit, Gwen Knapp isn't particularly excited for Warren Sapp's HOF speech this summer.

Unsilent Majority offers a look behind the curtain at Mike Florio's headline crafting.


Chase Stuart is soliciting statistical predictions for Tom Brady's 2013 season, now that he'll likely be without his top five receivers from 2012. Wouldn't surprise us to see the Pats bring back one Mr. B Lloyd, however.

Jason Fitzgerald sees the deals of Antonio Cromartie and David Harris as the Jets' best and worst contracts, respectively.

According to the UTSD's handy Moralizer Meter, Broncos players have been arrested 35 times since 2000 on charges more serious than speeding tickets.

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