Von Miller faces four-game suspension which may stem from 2011 positive test

Denver's nightmarish July continues, as Adam Schefter reports that all-universe linebacker Von Miller is facing a four-game drug suspension from the NFL.

Miller, who received the only vote for 2012 DPOY not marked for J.J. Watt, is said to be appealing the ban.

Obviously, there's no player more integral to the Broncos' prospects in 2013 and beyond than Peyton Manning, but Von may be a close second.

Unlike with PED use, which draws immediate bans, substance-abuse suspensions are only levied upon repeat offenders, which would suggest that Von has tested positive on multiple occasions.

Mike Klis reports that Von tested positive for both marijuana and amphetimines during his rookie campaign of 2011, and there is some confusion as to whether this reported suspension is regarding this 2011 PED offense, or for multiple positive tests for recreational drugs.

According to Mike Florio, there was suspicion around the league in 2011 that a suspension had been delayed in order to preserve the ca$h cow that was Tebowmania.

The Broncos open the season with a home game against Baltimore, a roadie at the Giants, and will then host the Raiders and Eagles, all of which Miller would miss if he's suspended for four games.

According to Jason Fitzgerald of Over the Cap, a four-game suspension would cost Von $1,347,618 in salary, including part of the signing bonus he received as part of his 2011 rookie deal.

Shaun Phillips, who was signed as a free agent after nine seasons in San Diego, would figure to be tasked with filling in during Von's potential absence.

104.3's Brandon Krisztal says Miller's positive test was triggered by marijuana and "Molly," which is a powder or crystalline form of MDMA, or ecstasy.

The Broncos have faced a slew of negative news this month, as personnel executives Matt Russell and Tom Heckert were suspended for DUI arrests, and it was learned that backup center Quentin Saulsberry also faces DUI charges.

If this is indeed a weed-related offense, it will make for an especially intriguing story, given Colorado's legalization of marijuana for personal use.

Obviously, the NFL can do as it pleases, especially given that it has the NFLPA's approval, but if recreational marijuana use ever becomes legalized across the nation, will the league continue to suspend players who indulge in it?

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