Broncos pushing to sign Welker; Pats getting chance to match?

Looks like Bill Simmons may be getting into the news-breaking side of the business...

Wouldn't portend well for Brandon Stokley's chances of returning, but the Broncos would be getting younger in the slot by about five years.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe says a deal is likely:

Says Albert Breer:

From Jeff Darlington:

Mike Klis hit up none other than Stokley himself for his take on the prospects. Can you saw awkward?

Jason La Canfora and Bedard are suggesting the Pats are making a late push to retain Welker:

Mike Silver is hearing a deal with Denver is almost done.

Is Welker just using the Broncos to get a better offer from New England? Or is he playing the two sides against each other?

Word out of New England puts Denver's offer at $35M over four years. Sounds about right, and we'd figure a guaranteed figure of around $15M-17M to cover the first two years of the deal.

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