SB Week is the perfect time to hire Gregg Williams (yeah, that one)

Good Morning, Broncos fans! The two teams got back down to serious business on Wednesday.

Denver put on the pads to endure a cold and windy practice outdoors, with only DT Sione Fua unavailable, and Matt Prater a full participant after having recovered from last week's illness.

Meanwhile, Seattle went padless through a brisk practice, with RB Marshawn Lynch getting his customary Wednesday off. Three Seahaks and eight Broncos were listed as full participants.

According to Jarrett Bell (first link), teams are only permitted one padded practice for SB week, so that'll be it for the Broncos.


Videos: BTV recaps Wednesday's practice; John Elway chats with Chris Hall and Rich Eisen; John Fox, Peyton Manning, and Champ Bailey speaking with the press on Wednesday.

Receivers coach Tyke Tolbert thinks Tony Carter is a prime candidate to step out of the shadows and make a big play on Sunday.

Some tough love from his mother - and 13 weeks spent in jail - helped Orlando Franklin turn his back on his own troubled youth.

Zane Beadles walks us through his Wednesday.

Even if we don't tend to hear/read much about him hanging around the team, John Elway carries quite a presence with the players.

As he auditions for another head coaching gig down the line, Jack Del Rio admits that perhaps punting on fourth down isn't always the wise choice.

PFF's Cole Schultz doesn't expect the Broncos to assign Champ Bailey or DRC to any specific receivers.

Vance Johnson has managed to pull himself out of an alcoholic spiral spurred along by the death of his son.

Governor Hickenlooper temporarily renamed Colorado's tallest mountains after each of the Broncos' current players.

Peyton Manning

Peyton admits he was a bit of a robot in his younger days, and that having a family has chilled him out a bit.

Don Banks explains why he's sick of the legacy talk, before talking about how a win would affect Peyton's legacy.


The Broncos' biggest question may be how the Seahawks will utilize Percy Harvin on Sunday.

In terms of surehandedness, Seattle's wideouts are at the other end of the spectrum from Denver's.

From the guys at Field Gulls, a look at the Seahawks secondary and the special teams matchups.

SB 48

Here's a breakdown of the television coverage to look forward to on Sunday.

Jake Plummer will be in attendance on Sunday, and of course, he'll be rooting for the Broncos.

SB week has brought a rise in the number of prostitution-related arrests in NYC.


Rarely have the top two teams according to SRS met in the Super Bowl.

Adjusting for Approximate Value shows the Broncos are among the league's oldest teams, while the Seahawks are the second youngest.

Selena Roberts explores the NFL's tax exempt status and what it might be costing us.


St. Louis fired DC Tim Walton and replaced him with Gregg Williams, reuniting him with Jeff Fisher. What better time to slip that bit of news in than SB week?

Matt Bowen hits up the All-22 to show us what he expects to see on Sunday.

The fight to change the blatantly racist name of Washington's football franchise has picked up quite a bit of momentum of late, but it's been waged for over four decades now.

KSK meme-ifies the Pro Bowl and demonstrates why everyone should be rooting for a Broncos victory.

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